27 November 2014

Acoustic solutions meet design freedom

ROCKFON Eclipse® islands now available in any colour and any shape.

Any colour, any shape

By giving customers the option of specifying custom colours and shapes, ROCKFON once again expands the design possibilities offered by its ceiling solutions. Rockfon Eclipse islands can be specified in white or in an unlimited number of custom colours, using the Natural Color System® (NCS) for perfect colour matching with a very small minimum order size of only one box.

The islands are available in square, rectangular and other geometric shapes and custom formats for total design freedom. The square and rectangular shapes feature a sharp-looking edge underlined by a subtle and elegant bevel while the other shapes have a minimalistic straight edge. When ordered in white and lighter colours, Rockfon Eclipse islands ensure good light reflection, reducing the need for artificial light.

ROCKFON performance

The frameless Rockfon Eclipse island is made from a 40mm thick stone wool panel and is suitable for many applications from new build to refurbishment projects. Rockfon Eclipse can be hung from different kinds of structures (concrete, wood, steel) and is an ideal solution where traditional suspended ceilings cannot be installed. Hung from discreet suspension wires using spiral anchors, they are fast and easy to install.

Rockfon Eclipse is the ideal choice for thermal mass buildings to assist with the cooling and heating demands of the building. Thermal mass solutions require air to circulate freely over exposed concrete surfaces, but this can often be detrimental to the acoustics due to the hard, sound-reflective surfaces. Rockfon Eclipse ceiling islands are specifically designed to counter this problem by allowing air to circulate, while improving acoustics by absorbing sound from both sides of the panel.

Rockfon Eclipse islands offer exceptional dimensional stability, even in areas with up to 100% relative humidity and its non-hygroscopic surface offers no sustenance to harmful micro-organisms. As with other ROCKFON products, the islands benefit from key performance features such as exceptional fire resistance and hygiene and are superior to any other comparable materials.

The smooth surface is durable and any exposed services behind the islands are easy to access when maintenance is required. This makes Rockfon Eclipse a sustainable solution that offers designers unlimited freedom – and building owners long-lasting peace of mind.






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