ROCKFON processes waste products into new fibres

ROCKFON’s recycling is up-cycling. In traditional recycling, products made from recycled materials can be of lesser quality than products made from new materials. ROCKFON processes waste products into new fibres having exactly the same qualities as those made from new or virgin materials.

Watch our Upcycling video and learn more about Upcycling of stone wool and wet felt ceiling tiles.

Things are looking up with ROCKFON

At Rockfon, we don't just recycle our own stone wool off-cuts. If you choose ROCKFON for your next refurb, we‘ll also upcycle your wet-felt end of life ceiling tiles to create new, superior stone wool products. And with gate fees as low as £40 per tonne, compared to £120 per tonne at some landfill sites, upcycling is as good for your pocket as it is for the environment.

All things considered, upcycling is a win-win-win – for you and the environment. A fact that has recently been recognised by the Association of Interior Specialists in their 2012 Best Practice Awards where ROCKFON’s Upcycling process has been highly commended for Eco Innovation for helping to reduce waste and find alternate uses for waste in the ceiling industry

Plant proximity matters

The up-cycling of returns can take place at any ROCKWOOL factory with a briquet plant. It occurs at the plant closest to the point of collection, minimising the need for unnecessary transport and CO2 emissions.

ROCKWOOL return programmes are available in many countries, including Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. Contact ROCKFON for more information about how to return waste in your area.

Relieving landfill sites

To reduce the burden on landfill sites and minimise the depletion of natural resources, contractors are increasingly returning Rockfon off-cuts and site waste along with ceiling tiles collected during refurbishment or demolition work for recycling.

These returns are up-cycled by ROCKWOOL.

Click here for our Guide to Upcycling


    As part of the massive redevelopment project of Barts and The Royal London hospitals (over 100,000 m2 of ceilings), Rockfon recycled all of the off-cuts and up-cycled them at the local ROCKWOOL factory.

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