Create the perfect movie experience with acoustic solutions

1 January 1

Do you want to create the best movie-going atmosphere in a cinema? Then you will discover what acoustical measures you should implement to make the acoustics more than just a last detail. 

Cinema Design

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Getting in the mood 

The journey from the cinema entrance to the seat is taken for granted, but a great atmosphere and design can stand out as much as the characters on the silver screen.  

In the digital age, where media and mobile devices stream endless content, cinemas must embrace their guests and make the evening magical. Playing with colours and patterns at the entrance and in the hallways are a great way to impress customers as they wait for the movie to begin.  

Make the sound stand out! 

Great sound during a movie adds to the experience. And unfortunately, it can’t be achieved by a great sound system alone. The sound in cinemas needs to be absorbed and controlled otherwise, sound waves would be ricocheting off the floors, ceiling and walls, destroying the whole movie-going experience.  

We offer acoustic solutions with the best-in-class acoustics as the core materials in all Rockfon products are stone wool. It’s an extremely sound absorbent material.  

How to design for different spaces in a cinema  

Cinemas serve many different people, but it wants to create the same feeling. And creating an experience that makes people feel great is what a cinema is all about. Setting the stage for success means thinking about the vibe, the design, easy navigation, comfort and acoustics.  

The right mixture of these elements is guaranteed to be a blockbuster success.  

The Rockfon Color-all® ceiling tiles are ideal for this type of project. They fulfil all the acoustic and design requirements.

Philip McCabe

Development Director for Principal Contractor Britania Construction

Set the scene with a great design  

Entrance and ticket area design solutions  

The adventure starts when the customer enters the movie theatre. A movie-goers first impression should be unforgettable and reflect the excitement they feel for the experience.  

The entrance sets the scene for how the rest of the experience will be. And we must say that colour is a powerful tool to create and stimulate feelings and behaviours. For example, blue light blues and soft greens soothe and calm the mind, a great way to make people feel at ease. 

But let’s not forget that this area is busy as people meet up before a show and the conversational noise and heavy foot traffic is a dangerous cocktail. But having the right acoustics on the ceiling and walls will control the sound and avoid elevating the noise levels 

Acoustic tips:  

Three tips for creating excellent acoustic comfort in the entrance and ticket area. 

  • Use high-quality sound-absorbing materials to reduce the sound and prevent it from spreading. 
  • Create sound barriers in the interior design to absorb the noise and create standing areas. 
  • Have soft material on the floors to improve sound absorption. 

The interior design of a cinema adds value to the whole experience, and that counts for the acoustic environment too. We recommend installing Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic as it’s a unique design solution perfect for ceilings and walls. The innovative monolithic surface delivers outstanding acoustic comfort and reduces the need for artificial light as it has a high light reflection and light diffusion for even light distribution.

And do you want to play with colours, we recommend Rockfon Color-all® as it gives you the freedom to choose from 34 inspiring colours ranging from subtle to bold.  


Get the right solutions for your design  

Concession stands and lounge design solutions  

Before sitting down in the comfy lounge chair to watch the movie, many customers choose to stop by the concession stand to stock up on their favourite chocolate bars, popcorn and drinks. That makes concession stands and the lounge area busy and crowded spaces. And to make the experience more comfortable for everyone, these spaces need solid sound-absorbing materials, enhancing the atmosphere and experience without a lot of pesky noise getting in the way, while still respecting the need for good hygiene and cleanability. 

The acoustics are a top priority, but so is hygiene. It should be a safe space to grab snacks and food in.  

Acoustic design tips 

Three acoustic design tips to consider when creating concession stands and lounge area. 

  • Aim for a minimum reverberation time to create a better feeling when entering the space. 
  • Ensure you have thick and dense sound-absorbing materials on the ceilings to ensure speech clarity. 
  • Have soft materials on the floors to counteract impact sounds. 


Rockfon Blanka® is our bright, white ceiling that looks and sounds stunning. You get a smooth deep mat and super-white surface with high light reflection. It’s durable to be cleaned so you don’t have to choose between design and functionality. We also recommend Rockfon® Universal® Baffles as they’re suitable for open plenum as they improve speech intelligibility. They have a creative and innovative layout to create unique designs and they’re available in 33 inspiring colours.  

Rockfon Eclipse® are aesthetic, frameless and innovative acoustic islands in geometric shapes offering excellent sound absorption. A great complement to improve speech intelligibility with a colourful and fun design.  


Setting the tone and feel  

Hallways design solutions  

When designing hallways in cinemas, it is essential to think about the shared strength of sound absorption and sound insulation. When a room combines the two acoustic elements, it reduces the amount of noise that is transferred from one room to another. This is vital for not irrupting the movie-going experience. 

The gateways to the screening rooms and proper acoustics are crucial in these spaces. There is nothing worse than having noise from the hallways take you out of a scene. Good acoustics and functional design are a great way to safeguard against noise transferring to the screening room. 

Acoustic design tips 

Three acoustic design tips to improve the acoustic environment in movie theatre hallways. 

  • Have sound barriers separating the hallways from the lounge and ticket area. 
  • Ensure that you have dense sound-absorbing materials on the ceilings and the walls. 
  • Play around with the design of the ceiling to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

Our dB range of high absorbent acoustic tiles has a stone wool core with a high-performance membrane on the back to reduce the noise transmission from room to room. We recommend it as it supplies outstanding sound insulation and sound absorption, so you don’t need to worry about people in the cinema being disturbed by noise from the hallways. Rockfon® VertiQ® Wall Panel is an attractive and durable wall panel with high sound absorbent and impact resistance. You have the freedom to choose between different colours.  

Get the perfect harmony of colour and acoustics  

Cinema room design solutions  

Create a perfect architecture experience for moviegoers to immerse themselves in. Getting the right atmosphere requires the right lighting, dark colours and acoustics. It’s vital to control reverberation in the space to enhance the scene on the big screen. There is nothing worse than watching a movie in a poor environment at the cinema. The audience wants to plunge themselves into the plot of what they’re watching, and because movie theatres use reflected light to project a film onto the screen, having dark colours on the walls and ceiling is essential. Ambient light can be distracting for audiences.  

Acoustic design tips 

Three acoustic design tips to improve the acoustic environment in screening rooms. 

  • Use a high-sound absorbing material on the ceilings and walls that have a matt surface to avoid creating reflections. 
  • Choose heavy fabrics for the seats and curtains. 
  • Cover the floors with carpet to avoid leaving hard, reflective surfaces exposed. 

Down with the reverberation time, up with the feeling.
One of the most important things to consider when designing a screening room is sound reflection. A great way to help control noise is with acoustic solutions on both ceilings and walls. We recommend Rockfon® VertiQ® Wall Panel in the colour black as it’s an attractive and durable wall panel with high sound absorbent and impact resistance. You have the freedom to choose between different available colour and it can be installed both vertically and horizontally. With Rockfon Color-all® Grid you can choose from 33 colours and the textured surface drastically reduces reflection that is found on metal surfaces by diffusing the light, suppressing the colour finish. You can combine the grid with our Rockfon Color-all ® acoustic ceiling to add extra colour as it comes in 34 inspiring colours.  

This will help stop sound from bouncing off the hard surfaces and ruining the true sound experience.  

The right product in the right space 

The experience is not only on the big screen, but it starts when the customer enters- More and more we’re seeing how acoustic solutions can create comfortable surroundings and soundscapes to give the best movie experience for customers. If you’re looking for more information about what products will fit your next redesign or how you can start the journey with Rockfonreach out today. We would love to answer any questions that you have.