Great acoustics are great for business

The brand experience of high street shops, department stores, convention centres and show rooms are very much linked to the feeling and behavioural responses of the brand. However, understanding how customers respond to the environment is just as essential. 

Interior designers are constantly looking for new ways of presenting retail spaces so that customers not only remember them, but also connect with them in a positive way. This can be greatly affected by the indoor environment of retail shops or restaurants. For example, bad retail soundscapes can reduce sales in shops by 28% with customers leaving or not even coming in. In malls, an average increase of 1% in dwelling time is linked to an increase in sales by 1.3%. 

Acoustic design

Acoustics play an important role in the retail sector, so much so that the revenue in retail shops can go up by 5-10% if acoustics are optimised. Additionally, a recent study found that 76% of survey respondents would dine out more often if the restaurants were more quiet. 

Retail design

Just as integral to acoustic comfort is aesthetic design. Building materials, including acoustic ceilings, must have the flexibility and the aesthetics to integrate with the design concept of the brand. The importance of design freedom requires a variety of colours, edge types and sizes and structures. All these functionalities help drive individual identity, be it in a high street shop, department store, convention centre or show room. 

The revenue in retail shops can go up by 5-10% if acoustics are optimised.

Luke Dixon

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