Using Rockfon products enables you to get full points for EPD credits in “green” building certifications.

Our independently verified Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) clearly communicate and document the environmental performance of our products.

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The impact on the environment is considered by calculating the effect of our products from ‘cradle-to-gate’. This means we account for upstream environmental impact (the raw material resourcing/extraction and their transport to our factory) and the impact of our production.

In order to communicate the environmental profile of Rockfon products we have simplified our Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). You will now be able to find two EPDs; one for our high-density products and a second for our low-density products

By using Rockfon specific EPDs, which are independently verified, our customers can achieve maximum credits in their LEED®, BREEAM® or DGNB® building certification efforts. The transparency and consistency of our EPDs, according to the EN15804 standard, allows our customers to use the results and calculate the building’s life cycle assessment (LCA), which is required to realize elite-level certifications.

We need to continue working hard to produce even better products and leaving a smaller footprint in the process – that includes thinking sustainability into our products, operations, and R&D as well.

Jens Birgersson