Interior acoustic surfaces for monolithic architecture

08 February 2018

A must for all architects and designers involved in monolithic building designs.

The Word,United Kingdom,South Shields,1.100m²,Steve Dickson,Senior Director at Faulkner Browns Architects,Daniel Reilly at Reilly Ceiling and Drywall,Ben Clarkson,Group Photographer for Bowmer and Kirkland,ROCKFON® Mono® Acoustic

Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic installed in The Word, National Centre for the Written Word, in South Shields

Traditionally, to achieve good acoustics, a tiled, suspended ceiling would be installed. But now there is no need to compromise on the aesthetic appearance of your project as monolithic systems made from naturally occurring stone wool can achieve Class A sound absorption and also a totally smooth and seamless surface.

All topics are covered to explain what monolithic architecture is and how great aesthetics can be achieved alongside outstanding sound absorption for acoustic comfort. 


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The design expressiveness and seamlessness did not come at the expense of good acoustics.

Karin Lindh

Visual Artist

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