Welcome to the theater

Also in the hotel's beautiful lobby, the television stars are present as life-size puppets looking down from the balustrades. The space has the appearance of a richly decorated theater with red plush seats and an impressive ceiling painting. Completely in line with the beige tones in the room, the ceilings on the ground floor were executed in Rockfon Color-all in the color Stucco in an extra large size of 900x900 mm. By choosing the concealed edge finish D, where the suspension system is not visible, an extra luxurious look has been achieved.

Signature design

As a designer, set builder and creative director at Studio 100, Piet De Koninck has been involved from the very beginning in the creation of many Plopsa attractions and parks. Naturally, the designs for Plopsa Hotel De Panne also come from his sleeve. He was inspired by the theme 'musical and theatre', but also took into account the feasibility of his designs.

Dining under the starry sky

The hotel has two bars and a restaurant where guests can meet. An intimate and warm atmosphere has been created in the buffet restaurant Le Grand Buffet, partly thanks to the Rockfon Color-all ceiling panels in the color Charcoal with integrated lighting that gives the effect of a starry sky. However, the ceiling not only contributes to the atmosphere, but also provides pleasant acoustics in a busy place where many visitors congregate. This way everyone can fully enjoy a delicious dinner under the stars after a pleasant day at the amusement park.

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Plopsa Hotel

Location:De Panne, Belgium
Architect:Piet De Koninck
Contractor:Pascal De Man
Installer:Van Hulle Bouwservice, Tielt
Photographer:Bart Gosselin

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