Acoustic solutions create a safe working environment

The design of production facilities in the industrial sector is challenging because there are a variety of requirements depending on the industry. Heavy industry has different requirements to the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry or a liquid processing plant, all of which face specific acoustic and indoor environment issues that need to be controlled. 

When designing production areas, many different criteria must be considered: industrial noise control, appropriate lighting conditions, enhanced fire safety, and, in some cases, high levels of hygiene. 

Acoustic solutions

The acoustic demands in the industrial sector are significant, especially as industrial sound levels are generally much higher than in other work areas. To ensure the best acoustic conditions in any industrial area, focus should be placed on the use of acoustic solution materials. 

Acoustic baffles

Often, traditional suspended acoustic ceilings cannot be installed in the industrial sector. This can be due to the number of complex service installations in the production facility, meaning that they cannot be covered with a ceiling. Introducing acoustic baffles and sound absorbing wall panels is a great alternative to the traditional suspended acoustic ceiling.

Industry hygiene

A great emphasis is placed on hygiene in the industrial sector, particuarly where food is produced or stored. This places strict and rigorous health codes on the surfaces found in these industries as they can spread food born bacteria. 

The ability to clean and disinfect building materials, including acoustic solutions, is an important factor in reducing the transmission of bacteria.

Industrial sound levels are generally much higher than in other work areas

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