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Rockfon® System T24 X

How to install Rockfon® System T24 X

Rockfon® System T24 X DLC™

How to install Rockfon® System T24 X DLC™

Rockfon® System Ultraline E™

How to install Rockfon® System Ultraline E™

Rockfon® System Eclipse Wall™

How to install Rockfon® System Eclipse Wall™

Rockfon® System Eclipse Island™

How to install Rockfon® System Eclipse Island™

Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic (summary)

Introduction to installing Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic. Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic may be installed by certified Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic installers only.

Arts et Vie vacation residence, Plozévet, France

Feedback from guests has revealed a great satisfaction with the acoustics in the swimming pool area.

Astrup Fearnley Museum, Oslo, Norway

The seamless appearance of Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic provides a calm and smooth visual expression.

Transatlantic Terminal Building, Cherbourg, France

The whiteness of Rockfon Blanka® is a secret ingredient in historic building refit.

Emma Children's Hospital, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The ceilings play a very prominent role in achieving a welcoming and pleasant visual expression.

Frydenberg School, Oslo, Norway

A combination of our tiles and baffles combat reverberation in this converted industrial building.

Le Cap swimming pool, Sartrouville, France

The high humidity resistance of our ceiling tiles make them ideal for use in swimming pools.

LE34 offices, Århus, Denmark

The high light reflection of Rockfon Blanka® plays a central role in this office renovation project.

Lyceum Schravenlant, Schiedam, Netherlands

Built on the principles of cradle-to-cradle, Rockfon® Krios® plays an important role in the school.

Markthal, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic delivers both visual and acoustic comfort to the Markthal covered market.

Novo Nordisk Head Office, Bagsværd, Denmark

The organic design called for flexible building materials to complement the building's circular shape. so Henning Larsen Architects had the Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic acoustic solution installed in both ceilings and walls in the large atrium, which allowed them to create curved surfaces with a seamless look and ideal light reflection while countering the reverberation of hard surfaces.

S:t Lars English School, Lund, Sweden

Different ceiling tiles and grids went into refitting an old hospital into a modern school facility.

City Metro Station, Stockholm, Sweden

Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic allowed to create a striking visual effect in the main corridor.

Ørestad School, Copenhagen, Denmark

Long, rectangular Rockfon® Sonar® tiles help the occupants understand their place in the space.

Office new build in Stockholm, Sweden

Non-directional surface of Rockfon Blanka® creates architectural continuity in office new build.

University College Sealand Campus, Roskilde, Denmark

The campus feature large indoor spaces with lots of glass and other hard surfaces. To control the acoustics, Henning Larsen Architects chose Rockfon® Sonar® E edge ceiling tiles and Rockfon® VertiQ® wall panels.

Velux Offices, Beijing, China

Rockfon Eclipse® islands enable the thermal mass heating and cooling system in the Velux offices.

Volvo Mobility Centre, Vlaardingen, Netherlands

The spotless durability of Rockfon Blanka® enhances dealership experience.

Benefits of Rockfon Blanka®

Explore the four bright ideas that inspired the development of our whitest ceiling ever.

Introducing Rockfon Blanka®

Inspired by nature and architecthure, we introduce our whitest ceiling ever: Rockfon Blanka®

The story behind Rockfon Blanka®

Get a peek behind the scenes of the development of Rockfon Blanka®.

dB range

Acoustician Per Trojgaard from Lloyds Register explains the duality of office acoustics.