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Our wide range of acoustic tiles and panels meet every need for acoustical comfort.

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Documents for ceiling tiles, grids, and ceiling systems

Find datasheets, guides, system descriptions, DoPs, CAD drawings, test reports and other types of documents for our acoustic ceiling and wall solutions.

Suspended ceilings - Acoustic ceiling and wall solutions

Create beautiful and comfortable spaces with our wide range of acoustic ceiling tiles and wall panels to ensure an optimal indoor environment.

Acoustic ceiling and wall solutions for any room

We offer sound absorbing acoustic ceiling tiles and wall panels, easily mounted ceiling suspension grids, and complete acoustic ceiling and wall solutions for all rooms and building types.

Tiles & Panels

Our tiles and panels are especially designed to provide acoustic ceiling solutions that are beautiful while creating healthy, comfortable spaces.

Stone wool ceilings naturally combat the spread of fire

Rockfon acoustic ceiling tiles are made from rock which is by nature non-combustible. Tested and code compliant.

Benefits of stone wool for acoustic ceilings and walls

How to create beautiful, healthy and sustainable spaces which protect people from unwanted noise and the spread of fire.

Healthy environments require cleanable and hygienic acoustic ceiling tiles.

From standard to the most demanding cleaning methods, our stone wool tiles are easily cleaned, hygienic and provide a sterile environment to prevent the growth and spread of bacteria.

Ensure the future of your ceiling design with durable materials

All our acoustic tiles and panels are dimensionally stable at up to 100% relative humidity, some are impact resistant and others have enhanced surface durability.

Continuing Professional Development - Suspended ceilings

Remain updated on the latest trends and regulations in the ceiling industry.

BIM objects for acoustic ceiling and wall solutions

We offer BIM models for our sound deadening ceiling and wall solutions. See our full range of BIM objects.