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Documents for ceiling tiles, grids, and ceiling systems

Find datasheets, guides, system descriptions, DoPs, CAD drawings, test reports and other types of documents for our acoustic ceiling and wall solutions.

BIM objects for optimising your building design

Use our BIM objects as an integrated design, analysis, and documentation tool to support your building projects from concept through to construction.

BIM objects for acoustic ceiling and wall solutions

We offer BIM models for our sound deadening ceiling and wall solutions. See our full range of BIM objects.

Continuing Professional Development - Suspended ceilings

Remain updated on the latest trends and regulations in the ceiling industry.

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FAQ on Rockfon suspended ceiling and wall solutions

Expand your knowledge of our suspended ceilings and wall panels by reading our answers to questions previously asked by our customers and partners.

Rockfon products can help you achieve green building certifications

Built around LEED®, BREEAM® and DGNB®, our Product Sustainability Declarations provide all the relevant information about critical sustainability issues.

Interior acoustic surfaces for monolithic architecture

A must for all architects and designers involved in monolithic building designs.

Benefits of stone wool for acoustic ceilings and walls

How to create beautiful, healthy and sustainable spaces which protect people from unwanted noise and the spread of fire.

Acoustic ceiling installation and case study videos

See how to install suspended ceilings, watch inspirational case study videos or explore the benefits of our products.