Product benefits

Our stone wool ceiling tiles and wall panels offer a number of innovative and sustainable benefits.

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Product Benefits

It is often by pure chance that new revolutionary discoveries are made. It was also in this way that the material which became the basis of stone wool came into existence.

The Unrivaled Benefits

Discover the unrivaled benefits of ROCKWOOL RAINSCREEN DUO SLAB

Unique benefits of stone wool ceilings in healthcare

A number of studies across the world have demonstrated that appropriate design has a measurable and desirable impact on clinical outcomes and cost of healthcare buildings.

Benefits of stone wool for acoustic ceilings and walls

How to create beautiful, healthy and sustainable spaces which protect people from unwanted noise and the spread of fire.

Concealed ceiling system

Create near monolithic ceiling systems with all the benefits of a regular modular ceiling with our concealed ceiling systems.

High performing stone wool ceiling tiles and wall panels

Our stone wool ceiling solutions deliver acoustics, fire safety, durability and several other benefits.

Improved acoustics means improved employee efficiency

Recognising the impact that indoor office environment and room acoustics have on office workers is important.

A safe and comfortable working space

Acoustics in industrial design is a critical condition to a safe working environment.

Built-up Metal Wall Systems

High quality built-up metal wall systems provided by ROCKWOOL insulation. Multiple benefits provided including A1 fire rating and acoustic benefits.

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