Rockfon makes sustainability easy

November 30, 2016

We understand the importance of constructing sustainable buildings and ensuring the wellbeing of the people that inhabit it. To facilitate this objective, we want to make it easier for our customers to find the relevant information to achieve this goal.

Based on the wish for a more transparent overview of our sustainability profile we have therefore updated our online sustainability section and introduced Product Sustainability Declarations and updated our Environmental Product Declarations for all of our products. “As we are always interested in improving our customer’s experience, we have created, not only two new sustainability documents, but also an easy to navigate sustainability download section” says Public Affairs Officer, Christian Kofod.

With the development of these documents, you will no longer have to worry about the sustainable profile of our products and concentrate on what you do best - building beautiful spaces.

Product Sustainability Datasheets

The Product Sustainability Datasheet provides a clear and quick summary that is essential for architects, specifiers and property owners alike. Set around major sustainability building schemes, it documents the sustainable characteristics of our products.  This makes it easy to understand the impact of using Rockfon products in connection with certification and sustainable building schemes. 

Environmental Product Declarations

Applying the same philosophy and dedication, we have also updated our Environmental Product Declarations, simplifying how we communicate the environmental life-cycle impact of Rockfon products. Under the updated sustainability section, you will now find two EPD formats, one for our high-density products and a second for our low-density products. 

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