NO, Lysgården, Trondheim, HUS Arkitekter, Office, Rockfon Contour, Rockfon Mulitflex Baffle, White
We needed to optimise the natural light
and actively bring it into the offices.

Lionel Salley, Bésuelle & Salley


Use the ceiling to draw in natural light

Use the high light reflection to draw in more natural sunlight, save electricity, promote the well-being of inhabitants and showcase the details and nuances of the interior architecture, making your design truly feel special to walk into.

 Maximum natural brightness, 99% light diffusion
 Draw natural light 11% further into a building
 Increase productivity and focus
DK, Arboretet, Hørsholm, Claus Francke ApS, School, Rockfon Blanka, X edge, 1200x300, White
Using the unique whiteness of Rockfon Blanka's
acoustic ceiling solution and you can draw light
11% further into a building
People in office
Improve office productivity up to 12% by simply creating the right acoustic environment

David M. Sykes

Productivity: How Acoustics Affect Worker's Performance in Offices & Open Areas
Product landing page, Rockfon Blanka, directionless ceiling installation

Super easy to maintain

Top of the class for surface durability and product lifecycle. The anti-static coating resists dust and dirt. Simply wipe it off with a damp cloth, no detergents required, keeping the product looking as good as the day it was installed.

 Dust and dirt resistant
 Clean without detergents
 15 year warranty
 Resists 100% humidity
NL, Vakgarage Basic Car Fix, Office, Showroom, Rockfon Blanka, A edge, 600x600, Chicago Metallic T15 Hook 2750 Matt White 11