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20240116 RW-RF PHO 10035
Interior design
30 May 2024

​​The Playful Allure of Checkered Ceiling Design​

​​A look at checkerboard-style ceilings created by mixing and matching Rockfon acoustic tiles in different colours.​

20231107 RW-RF PHO 9762
Interior design
24 Apr 2024

Black acoustic ceilings in interior design

Black acoustic ceilings are most definitely in. For TV studios and cinemas, a black or charcoal ceiling has had very practical uses since the get go, but now we’re seeing more in restaurants, gyms, cultural institutions, offices, car showrooms and more.

20240305 RW-RF 10229
Interior design
16 Apr 2024

Colourful ​Monolithic Designs with Rockfon Mono Acoustic​

​​Discover spaces from around the world that are made as stunning as they sound with Rockfon Mono Acoustic in colour.

20240305 RW-RF 10263
Interior design
10 Apr 2024

What Makes a Retail Space Experiential?

How does a retail space become experiential? Discover three essential interior design elements and explore case studies from around the world.

20240111 RW-RF 10008
10 Apr 2024

Inspiring BREEAM-Certified Buildings from Around the World

Explore a selection of BREEAM-certified projects from around the world, including workplaces, hospitals, and more.

Interior design
12 Mar 2024

Sustainable Design Practices for Retail Spaces

Discover the ways that global retailers are reducing their environmental footprint in the design of their brick-and-mortar spaces.

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