Improve speech clarity

To create a professional and welcoming atmosphere in the reception area, it's crucial to ensure that clients and visitors can clearly understand conversations. And because of high foot traffic and proximity to exterior happenings, noise disturbances can be frequent in this area. The use of so many hard surfaces in the reception area can also easily amplify the noise.


Kinglsey Napley Offices
Rockfon Mono Acoustic
Building owner: Kingsley Napley  leased
Architect: KKS Savills
Installer: Pacy and Wheatley

Maintain speech privacy

The reception area serves as a central hub that witnesses a variety of activities. Whether in a casual conversation with front office staff or an impromptu chat, speech privacy is paramount in promoting comfort and preventing confidential information from being overheard.


Reception with Rockfon Mono Acoustic in Spaces Platinium co-working office, Warsaw, Poland

Reflect a brand identity

The design of the reception area can set the tone for the rest of the building – which makes it one of the greatest opportunities to showcase a brand identity and communicate company values. Available in a variety of colours, textures, and shapes, Rockfon’s acoustic solutions are designed to combine well-being with aesthetics.


Reception area of Nieuwe Rechtbank in Amsterdam The Netherlands with Rockfon Mono Acoustic

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Rockwool GBS Warsaw, Poland
Suspended islands
Suspended islands

A suspended island sets your reception area apart from the rest of the office, creating a unique space where sound stays where it belongs.

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Wall panels
Wall panels

Acoustic wall panels do more than absorb sound. They also create a sophisticated and elegant reception space for everyone.


Green plants not only enhance the natural aesthetic of a space but also serve a functional purpose by reducing echoes and improving acoustics.

Soft Furnishings
Soft Furnishings

In addition to adding style and comfort to the space, soft furnishings can also help improve the acoustics of the reception area, creating a quieter and more pleasant environment for clients and visitors.