DaCapo College

Adhesive acoustic solutions on the walls optimized the sound environment at DaCapo College creating a perfect space for living and learning.

NL, Case study DaCapo College, Sittard, Povse en Timmermans Architecten en Ingeneurs, Education, Rockfon Blanka Activity, B-edge, 1200x600, White, Rockfon System Adhesive B


The B-edge is designed for optimal junctions of the panels next to each other. The tile also has 4-sided painted edges for an elegant look when glued with gaps in between or as an island where outer edges are visible.

RFN-EA, edge rendering, 3D drawing, B edge


The AS-edge is sanded and sealed with impregnation paint, giving a crisp and smooth edge finish. The As-edge is perfect for gluing applications where the edge of the tile is visible.

RFN-EA, edge rendering, 3D drawing, As edge

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