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​​The Playful Allure of Checkered Ceiling Design​

May 31, 2024

Checkerboard-style ceilings are easily achieved by mixing and matching tiles in different colours, lending unique allure to any space.

Colourful checkered ceiling design

Hotel Riviera

Moss, Norway

Both across the restaurant ceiling design and the reception area of the Hotel Riviera, Rockfon Color-all acoustic ceiling tiles in a soft pastel blue alternates with a white to create a comfortable acoustic environment, the large rectangular tiles converging with plaster columns to contribute significantly to the overall creative direction of the riviera-inspired space.  

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Restaurant in Hotel Riviera in Moss Norway with Rockfon Color-all special X-Edge

25Hours Hotel

Copenhagen, Denmark 

Located in what was both a former porcelain factory and former university in the Nørreport district in Copenhagen, the 25hours Hotel Indre By – designed by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio – made headlines when it first opened. One of its multiple restaurants features Color-acoustic ceiling tiles in a variety of colours placed into a checkered design, gently completing the scheme of the walls and the spirit of its global identity. 

Restaurant in 25Hours Hotel in Copenhagen Denmark with Rockfon Color-all


Hedehusene, Denmark 

In 2022, the ROCKWOOL headquarters in Denmark were renovated by the architectural firm Arcgency, ultimately helping it achieve WELL Certification at the Platinum Level. In a lounge area adjacent to an outdoor deck, a Rockfon Hub "acoustic zone" features Color-all acoustic ceiling tiles in deep colours that alternate with a soft gray for a rich checkered look. 

DK - Hedehusene Headquarters, Lounge

Reception Design 

Office Ceiling Design

With Color-all shades such as " Eucalyptus", "Sage", "Sandalwood", "Mustard", "Storm", and "Stone", this vibrant checkered ceiling acts as a statement focal point in an office space, while the white walls tone down and anchor the space  

Reception area with Rockfon Color-all E15-edge. Name and location of the project are confidential.

Jecko & Jessies Playground

Lidköping, Sweden

Just like a checkerboard game set, the acoustic ceiling tiles Rockfon Industrial Black and Rockfon Industrial Opal were installed at a playground in Sweden, creating a playful and exciting environment that complements the play areas while tackling the high noise levels. 

Parafon Buller in black and white installed at Jecko & Jessies Lekland in Lidköping, Sweden

Rockfon Office

Wijnegem, Belgium

After complete overhaul in 2022, the Rockfon office in Wijnegem, Belgium is now a state-of-the-art facility. An open working area features a checkered ceiling design with Color-all acoustic ceiling tiles in two different greens – "Mint" and "Eucalyptus" – as well as a gray. 

Open Plan Office in Rockfon Office Wijnegem in Wijnegem Belgium with Rockfon Lamella  and Rockfon Color-all A-Edge

Hôtel Mercure

Hyères, France

For the lobby of the Mercure Hyères Center Hotel in France, the interior designer Karolina Lubkowski was inspired by Villa Noailles in Hyères – one of the first modern villas in the country. She recreated the contrasts of its interiors in the ceiling using Color-all tiles in multiple shades of gray. 

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FR, Hôtel Mercure Hyères Centre, Hyères, Karolina Lubkowski, KL Studio Design, Leisure, Rockfon Color-All, X-edge, 600x600, Different shades of grey, white, black, Hotels

Rockfon Office

Wijnegem, Belgium

With its curtains, the acoustic zone Rockfon Hub adds multipurpose flexibility to the newly-renovated Rockfon Office in Wijnegem, Belgium by creating a breakout space where team members can think, work, and talk in peace. Here, a checkered ceiling design is created using Color-all tiles in various shades of green and a rich gray. 

WIJ new office, showroom, and factory opening ceremony in Wijnegem

Urssaf Languedoc-Roussillon Office

Montpellier, France

The dining area in this office building underwent renovation and now has a checkered ceiling design featuring Color-all acoustic tiles. The grey colour scheme exudes sophistication while complementing the overall design of the space designed by the architecture firm Imagine. 

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Restaurant in Réhabilitation du siège de l'Urssaf à Montpellier in Montpellier France with Rockfon Color-all A-Edge

Rockfon Office

Wijnegem, Belgium

Also in the Rockfon office in Wijnegem is this hyper-colourful suspended checkered ceiling that features all 34 colours of Color-all acoustic ceiling tiles, including Charcoal, Eucalyptus, Linen, Clay, and Coral. 

WIJ new office, showroom, and factory opening ceremony in Wijnegem

Discover Rockfon Color-all Ceiling Tiles 

Rockfon Color-all acoustic ceiling tiles grant total design freedom with exposed, semi-concealed, and concealed edge options and a large variety of module sizes. With matte fleeces at the visible side, the tiles are available in Rockfon’s 34 exclusive Colours of Wellbeing – subtle yet playful colours made to mix and match – allowing for endless design possibilities across checkered ceilings. 

Matching grids (with a main runner, cross tees, perimeter wall angle trim) in a matte finish are also available for a seamless look.