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​​Restaurant Ceiling Designs that Complete the Gastronomic Experience​

January 11, 2024

​​A restaurant’s ceiling design is hard for customers to miss – in fact, so hard to miss that it often sets the tone for the design concept of a place.​

Pastel restaurant ceiling design example

The Hotel Riviera in Moss, Norway

It's called the fifth wall for a reason: a ceiling's high surface area allows for significant creative freedom, whether across colour, lighting, or scale. In restaurant design, the ceiling allows designers to leverage it to drastically shape the mood and identity of the interior.

Beyond aesthetics, restaurant ceilings can be leveraged to significantly contribute to the acoustic comfort of a space, their material and placement playing a role in absorbing the cocktail of boisterous sounds across dining areas. Without high-performing ceilings or a holistic acoustic strategy, the notorious Lombard Effect can take over – a vocal phenomenon where people speak louder to be heard and understood in a noisy environment. This quickly comes to result in poor restaurant acoustics and bothersome soundscapes.

From soffit ceilings in Michelin-starred brasseries to vaulted ceilings in neighbourhood trattorias and industrial approaches in neighbourhood grills, explore examples of restaurant ceiling design from around the world.

La Maruca in Madrid, Spain

In their design for the new La Maruca López de Hoyos restaurant in Madrid, Spain, Zooco Estudio pay homage to the rationalist jewels of Santander’s architecture. The refined white restaurant ceiling colour of Rockfon Mono Acoustic is a natural match to the ceramic elements and the minimal permeability into the outdoors.

Restaurant in Restaurant La Maruca - López de Hoyos in Madrid Spain with Rockfon Mono Acoustic TE-Edge

Peck in Milan, Italy

Designed by Vudafieri Saverino Partners, Peck in Milan’s CityLife commercial development is its second branch in the city. The designers opted for a ceiling colour different than the traditional white, and the green they chose stands in full harmony with the 160 000 square meters of park areas that constitute the heart of CityLife.

IT, PECK Citylife, Milano, Studio R4M, Leisure, Rockfon Mono Acoustic, Ready Mix Render, Color, Green

25hours Hotel Indre By in Copenhagen, Denmark

Located in what was both a former porcelain factory and former university in the Noerreport district, the 25hours Hotel Indre – designed by Martin Brudnizki Design Studiomade headlines when it first opened in Copenhagen. One of its multiple restaurants features Rockfon Mono Acoustic in a soft pastel green colour, gently completing the scheme of the design across the walls, and the spirit of its global identity.

25 Hours Hotel - retaken images.

Summit Restaurant at Aethos Monterosa in Champoluc, Italy

Overlooking the Aosta Valley in Italy, the Summit Restaurant at the boutique hotel Aethos Monterosa takes a contemporary approach in reflecting its mountainside charm. Rockfon Mono Acoustic completes a refined look without robbing attention from the mountains outside.

IT, Camp Zero, Champoluc, Marco Maresca, Leisure, Rockfon Mono Acoustic, A-edge, 600x600x40

Sommerro Hotel in Oslo, Norway

After a long process of meticulous restoration and renovation, a beloved landmark originally built by the architects Andreas Bjerke and Georg Eliassen in the 1930s was renovated by LPO Arkitekter and is now the Sommerro Hotel. Though the original facade and art deco interior details continue to be almost identical to how they were when the building was first erected, the acoustics property-wide, including in the restaurant, were improved with Rockfon Mono Acoustic ceilings.

Sommerro in Oslo Norway with Rockfon Mono Acoustic TE-Edge

Villa Paradiso in Oslo, Norway

The largest location in the Villa Paradiso group, known for its Neapolitan pizza, is located right across from the Munch Museum in the Oslo Bay in Norway. For their restaurant ceiling design, they opted for the monolithic solution Rockfon Mono Acoustic. The Villa Paradiso co-owner, Jan Vardøen, particularly liked that it’s a completely seamless system. “I want diners to feel like they're in an authentic establishment, without seeing any evidence of technical aids,” he said.

Restaurant in Villa Paradiso in Oslo Norway with Rockfon Mono Acoustic TE-Edge

The Brasserie Bon Vivant in Moss, Norway

According to the newly-opened Hotel Riviera in Moss, Norway, there are only two seasons: summer and almost summer. Their lighthearted interiors and Rockfon acoustic ceilings certainly reflect that spirit, especially in the Brasserie Bon Vivant, where Rockfon Color-all in soft pastel blues alternate with whites to bring in a vibrant Mediterranean mood.

Restaurant in Hotel Riviera in Moss Norway with Rockfon Color-all special X-Edge

Bewley's Grafton Street in Dublin, Ireland

Around since 1927, the iconic Dublin landmark Bewley’s Grafton Street reopened following a €12 million restoration by Gilligan Architects has seen many original features restored to their former glory, including the stained-glass windows, historic façade, open fireplaces, and the restaurant ceiling design. “The introduction of Rockfon acoustic ceilings throughout, direct fixed to the plasterboard ceilings, minimised the visual impact on the building fabricparticularly the ceiling covings allowing them to be expressed,” explained project architect Brendan Duffy.

UK, Bewley's Café,  Gilligan Architects, Retail, Restaurant, Rockfon Mono Acoustic, Elegant render, 1800x1200, white

Iberostar Selection Llaut Palma in Mallorca, Spain

At the 5-star Iberostar Selection Llaut Palma restaurant in Mallorca, Spain, Serta Arquitectos’ origami-inspired artistry required a ceiling material which allowed the construction of vertices and triangulations. They needed a restaurant ceiling design system that would create geometric ripples throughout the communal space of the hotel. “We wanted to transmit this sensation of lightness; the element of origami communicates movement and flexibility, expanding the space of the room,” explains Arantxa Guerrero from Serta Arquitectos.

Llauat Palace Hotel,Spain,Mallorca,400 m²,Arantxa Guerrero,Seta Arqutectos,Rockfon Mono Acoustic,TE-edge,white

Restaurant Møntergade in Copenhagen, Denmark

Danish and French cuisine together take centre stage at Restaurant Møntergade on Copenhagen’s famous Møntergade street. The contemporaneity and simplicity of the monolithic ceiling solution Rockfon Mono Acoustic contributes to a refined brasserie look.

Restaurant Møntergade in Copenhagen with Rockfon Mono Acoustic ceiling

Cittamani Restaurant in Milan, Italy

Owned by the celebrity chef and restaurateur Ritu Dalmia, the contemporary Indian restaurant Cittamani opened its doors in the Milan’s Brera neighbourhood in 2017. Designed by the London-based studio Paolo Cossu Architects, the restaurant is characterised by its material palette – which includes brass and timber. The Rockfon Mono Acoustic ceiling directs attention towards the many rich elements in the restaurant, such as the original terrazzo flooring.

IT, Ristorante Cittamani, Milano, Italy, arch Federa, Leisure, Rockfon Mono Acoustic, Elegant Render, A edge, 1200x1800, White, Restaurant

Le Petit Sabayon in Morangis, France

The owners of this small restaurant in the outskirts of Paris in France renovated a pre-existing restaurant, removing the carpets and curtains for a more refined look. But the introduction of hard surfaces like the wood flooring compromised the acoustics of the restaurant. To introduce acoustic comfort, they installed twenty Rockfon Eclipse frameless acoustic islands with clean, minimalistic A edges – a perfect choice for restaurants where a traditional suspended ceiling cannot be installed. “We had a very clear idea of what we wanted for our restaurant. We didn't want products that distort our decoration, and above all that it be as little visible as possible,explained restaurant owner Frédéric Lagrange.

FR, Restaurant 'Le Petit Sabayon', Morangis (Paris), Leisure, Rockfon Eclipse (island), A edge, 1760x1160x40, White, Restaurant

Le Grand Buffet at the Plopsa Hotel in De Panne, Belgium

In the Plopsa Hotel’s buffet restaurant Le Grand Buffet, a starry sky matches the energy and amusement of the corresponding Plopsaland theme park. Rockfon Color-all ceiling tiles in the Charcoal colour create a cave feeling, and the integrated lighting create the effect of a starry sky. The restaurant ceiling design doesn’t only add to the atmosphere but also ensures pleasant acoustics in such a busy place and with a variety of age groups. By opting for the concealed side finish D, the suspension system is not visible.

Restaurant of Plopsa hotel in De Panne Belgium with Rockfon Color-all Charcoal in D-edge

The Villa Castellane Restaurant in Gréoux-les-Bains, France

At the Villa Castellane – once the hunting lodge of the nobleman Marquis de Castellane – a colour wayfinding strategy helps guide circulation across the resort: the corridors are painted black and are accented with touches of brass. To achieve this deep black appearance and cozy atmosphere, Rockfon Color-all acoustic ceiling tiles in the matching Charcoal were installed in the corridors, restaurant, and bar. “The numerous glass and reverberant surfaces represented a major challenge that Rockfon Color-all allowed us to resolve, both in terms of aesthetic appearance and acoustic efficiency,” said Audrey Marasse from ATELIER XY.

Restaurant in Le Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic et le Rockfon Color-all® Charcoal à l’honneur dans le projet de l’hôtel La Villa Castellane in Gréoux-les-Bains France with Rockfon Color-all

Portum and Maximus Restaurant in Brno, Czech Republic

The ceiling design of the Portum and Maximus Restaurant in the Maximus Hotel is simultaneously distinctive and refined. Rockfon Mono Acoustic in a "mocha" shade flows around a central focal point.

Maximus Hotel Restaurant,Czech Republic,Brno,100m²,Ing. Arch. Alena Zemanová,Arch.Design s.r.o.,Bartosz Makowski,ROCKFON Mono Acoustic,mocha

Dins Santi Taura in Mallorca, Spain

Awarded a Michelin star in the 2021 guide and the winner of two "Soles Repsol", the restaurant Dins Santi Taura is located at the El Llorenç Parc de la Mar hotel in Palma’s Sa Calatrava neighbourhood. The designer of the hotel, Magnus Ehrland, was looking for a timeless and authentic style that would endure the test of time. Rockfon Mono Acoustic was selected for both Dins Santi Taura and another restaurant, its seamless simplicity placing focus on the different design motifs, such as the star patterns, botanical designs, and vegetation.

ES, Hotel El Llorenç Parc de la Mar, Palma de Mallorca, Pedro Rabassa, Leisure, Rockfon Mono Acoustic, TE-edge, 1800x1200, White, Hotels

Solo Sokos Hotel Torni in Helsinki, Finland

One of Helsinki's most celebrated landmarks in Helsinki, Finland, the Hotel Torni opened its doors after extensive renovation in 2022. In the hotel's restaurant and bar areas, a matching smooth and monolithic surface establishes continuity across the walls and ceiling.

Hotel in Solo Sokos Hotel Torni in Helsinki Finland with Rockfon Mono Acoustic

Brasserie Astoria in Stockholm, Sweden

In one of Stockholm’s buzziest neighbourhoods is the Astoria House, a space that was built in the 1870s as a cinema and later restored and converted into a restaurant by Joyn Studio. “The green and red colours used in the suspended ceiling were inspired by the details in the original interiors, and it fits very well in the new space because we’ve kept some of the original detailing,” said Ida Wanler, founding partner at the studio. “The inner part of the bar has no daylight, so we wanted to give this space its own unique design that plays with light and shadow as well as the colours from the suspended ceilings throughout the day. Together with the mature plants, the colours and design give a feeling of warmth that you would find in a conservatory or an orangery.”

Restaurant/Brasserie Astoria in Stockholm Sweden with Rockfon Mono Acoustic

Restaurant Frantzén in Stockholm, Sweden

Designed by Joyn Studio – the same team behind the Brasserie Astoria – the 23-seat restaurant Frantzén is one of the top-rated fine dining restaurants in Stockholm and the first in the country to be awarded three stars in the Michelin Guide. To complete an exceptional experience, room acoustics had to be prioritised. "It's not just about the eye today; today's restaurant guests want much more. Our role is to be able to put people in the mood, and if the acoustics are bad, the rest doesn't matter," said Wanler.

franzen restaurant, leisure, acoustic render, sound absorption, indoor climate, stockholm, sweden, SE