Edvard Munch's distinctive history provides intense artistic experiences for a broad range of people.

The new Munch Museum in Oslo opened its doors in late October. The museum wanted guests to enjoy the works of art, including the world-famous 'Scream', in pleasant surroundings with acoustics that would allow them to appreciate the art.

The museum, located on the waterfront in Oslo, was designed by the Spanish architectural firm, Estudio Herreros. The acoustic solutions were an important part of the design of the building, so Rockfon was chosen to deliver about 9,000 m2 with different types of acoustic ceilings. This will help to ensure quality, aesthetics, and a comfortable sound level at the museum.

Sound Is Part of the Art and Culture Experience

Museums are not just places where you can see art and learn about history. They are also places where you can hear different sounds. Sound plays an important role in how we experience the world. Hence, it is essential that museums take this into account when displaying art and culture.

At the Munch Museum, you'll want a soothing sound level in all areas. The acoustics have been modified to produce a short reverberation time that eliminates echoes and noise in the structure. With thousands of visitors from all around the world, the acoustic solutions assist in absorbing the sound. The objective has been for guests at the Munch Museum to have a great art experience while enjoying absolute silence. Rockfon district manager, Steinar Nygård, highlighted:

“Good acoustics are incredibly important in a building like the Munch Museum, and it has been taken seriously. There must be time and peace to think and experience art in a special way. We have found acoustic solutions that maintain the ideal sound level even though many thousands of people gather in one place.”

Acoustic Ceilings with No Visible Edge

It was critical for the architects to incorporate acoustic solutions in all of the rooms where the paintings are on display. The answer was to mount approximately 5,000 m2 with the acoustic design solution, Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic.

Rockfon Mono Acoustic is a plastered acoustic ceiling that conceals all utility installations behind a continuous, smooth, and monolithic surface. It has a relaxing surface that allows the artwork to take precedence.

“Rockfon Mono Acoustic is an extremely flexible material. Mono can be shaped and bent, so you can create exactly the signature expression you want, without visible edges. The clean and smooth surfaces mean that walls and ceilings do not take the attention away from the art at the Munch Museum”, emphasised Steinar Nygård.

Munch Museum

Edvard Munchs Plass 1
0194 Oslo

The clean and smooth surfaces with Rockfon Mono Acoustic mean that walls and ceilings do not take the attention away from the art.

Steinar Nygård


Munch Museum

Location:Oslo, Norway
Architect:Estudio Herreros / LPO Arkitekter
Installer:Isoteks / Oslo Bygginnredning
Photographer:Erik Burås
Tiles:Rockfon Color-all®, Rockfon® Mono Acoustic
Edges:B, TE Elegant Render
Dimensions:600 x 600

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