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The owners of this small restaurant in the outskirts of Paris renovated a pre-existing restaurant, removing the previous carpets and curtains to obtain a more refined and fresh look. However, this compromised the acoustics of the restaurant, which became particularly noisy and received some bad reviews on the internet. Thanks to the installation of 20 Rockfon Eclipse islands, the problem was quickly solved and the aesthetics of the restaurant was only improved.

Why good acoustics in restaurants is important

Today, the sound environment of establishments has become, for customers and restaurant staff, an essential criterion for appreciating a restaurant. The pleasure of eating is no longer linked only to taste or smell, but to the lived experience, of which acoustic comfort is a component. For several months now, some websites have even offered to rate the soundscape of restaurants. This is why many restaurateurs take the subject very seriously and carry out work to improve the acoustics within their establishment. This is the case with the restaurant of Frédéric Lagrange and his wife, owners of Le Petit Sabayon in Morangis (91), where Rockfon Eclipse® acoustic islands have been installed.

From a noisy restaurant to a nice restaurant

While they had undertaken an important phase of work in their restaurant located in Morangis, Frédéric and Sandra Lagrange realized, during a team lunch, that the sources of noise were numerous: customer conversations, going to- back and forth of staff, shocks of cutlery, chairs being moved, footsteps, background music or even technical equipment (extractor hood, air conditioning, etc.).

To overcome these nuisances, the restaurant couple called on Rockfon to find a solution suited to their needs.

“We had a very clear idea of what we wanted for our restaurant. We didn't want products that distort our decoration, and above all that it be as little visible as possible. We also wanted noise to decrease considerably in the dining room for our customers and our staff, ”explains Frédéric Lagrange, owner of the restaurant Le Petit Sabayon.

Rockfon then offered to install Rockfon Eclipse islands. With a strong aesthetic and fully customizable, these islands offer a smooth, matte and extra white finish, which matched perfectly the interior of the restaurant. “After installing the Rockfon products, we immediately noticed an improvement in the room. Our customers have told us that they found the restaurant to be quieter than before the renovation and that it was much more pleasant for a chat, ”adds the owner.

Acoustic ceiling solutions enable a great dining experience

Today more and more restaurateurs are using acoustic solutions in their establishment. In fact, 20% of French people say that a restaurant that is too noisy is a bad restaurant, and 92% say they are bothered by the noise and have difficulty following their conversations. *

Also, 35% of TripAdvisor Internet users write reviews of the restaurants they frequent and 1 in 2 messages evoke the sound environment, often to complain about. Almost 80% of them have already left an establishment because of its uncomfortable noise environment, and 33% never return.

Le Petit Sabayon, Paris

15 Rue Lavoisier
91420 Morangis


Restaurant Le Petit Sabayon

Location:Morangis, France
Tiles:Rockfon Eclipse®
Dimensions:1760 x 1160

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