They opted for different coloured Rockfon Mono Acoustic ceilings

Solo Sokos Hotel Torni is a world-class hotel from 1931 and it one of Finland's first skyscraper of its time. The last time Hotelli Torni had a large-scale renovation was in the 1980s, when it served as a residential building combined with the hotel property.

In 2020, Hotel Torni began a large-scale renovation of the interior where the aim was to combine the history with colourful, modern ceilings to create the best possible experience for the guests but also an excellent work environment for the staff. It resulted in becoming the flagship of Sokos hotels, Solo Sokos Hotel Torni. The interior of the hotel is completely renewed with new surfaces and new construction technology.

Interior surfaces and construction technology were renewed throughout

According to Riikka Hautala, before the hotel renovation, there were hardly any original surfaces left in the interior. What was left, it was manageable to preserve and keep. For example, American Bar's old fireplace and tiled stoves were cleaned and serviced.

The hotel was built at a time when, for example, there was no information about modern ventilation technology, so there were many areas that needed to be updated and modernised.

According to Hautala, the goal of the modernisation was to bring the building technology in line with today's requirements and at the same time renew all surfaces to be durable. At the same time, they also wanted to improve the hotel's coordination and maintenance facilities to be more functional than before.

We wanted to pay particular attention to the acoustics of the restaurant and bar premises, which is why the project included an acoustician to guide the design.  We wanted an aesthetically and acoustically functional solution for the premises, and this was achieved with Rockfon Mono Acoustic.

Solo Sokos Hotel Torni

Solo Sokos Hotel Torni
Yrjönkatu 26 00100
Helsinki, Finland

As a culturally historically valuable building, Hotel Torni was a challenging subject to renovate and change. The challenge was to coordinate functional, aesthetic and construction technical goals. However, all the views were stapled together, and the result was the best.

Riikka Hautala

Responsible building designer, architect SAFA, ARCO Architecture Company

A flat ceiling in the same colour as the walls is an impressive element

Solo Sokos Hotel Torni's restaurant and bars are located on several different floors. Their interior design was done by design agency Fyra, except for the downstairs Irish bar, O'Malley's, which was designed by ARCO Architecture Company.

The interior design of the premises included a flat, monolithic ceiling from the very beginning. The colour on the walls continues to the ceilings, creating a large flat, impressive surface.

- The restaurant and bar facilities each have their own individual colour scheme. The goal was to create a unified whole, where each space would be characterised by its own atmosphere. The uniform, attractive colour surfaces of the walls and ceilings helped to achieve this. It was great that the ceiling also had an acoustic feature without compromising uniformity and uniformity, says Fyra's interior architect Silja Kantokorpi.

Rockfon Mono Acoustic met the expectations

Both Hautala and Kantokorpi confirm that Rockfon Mono Acoustic met the expectations, and the result was successful both in terms of appearance and acoustics.

- Rockfon Mono Acoustic met all our expectations. Even though it was an old building, with the innovative technology, the space had roof downs, where a smooth surface was desired. It was important to get the roof world exceptionally clean. Through this project, we became familiar with Rockfon Mono, and we have already used it in other locations, describes Kantokorpi.


Solo Sokos Hotel Torni

Location:Helsinki, Finland
Interior designer:Fyra Oy, ARCO Architecture Company
Installer:Inlook Sisustus Oy
Photographer:Mikko Käkelä
Tiles:Rockfon® Mono Acoustic

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