Colours, optimism, and a belief in the future characterise Ebbepark

In the middle of Linköping, a completely new and unique place is taking shape — Ebbepark. The area, which involves a completely new type of inner-city environment, is clearly minded on sustainability, well-being, and innovative solutions. It consists of four blocks with business premises, cafés, private housing, and training facilities. On September 8, the part called Spektrum was inaugurated.

The building has six floors with offices, lounge areas, and co-working spaces that form a hub for the area's business life. Rockfon has delivered ingenious and flexible acoustic solutions that are harmonised with the architectural ambitions. The results are bright rooms where the colours create atmosphere to the surroundings.

The city is teeming with life

Linköping is a city that is buzzing with life. This is now fortified by Ebbepark where the present goes hand in hand with the future. Ebbpark also offers the opportunity to live and work in dynamic environments.

The Spektrum was designed to encourage interaction. To achieve this, the indoor environment has been elevated through innovative choices and solutions. Rockfon has delivered the Rockfon® System Eclipse Island™, which is a suspended, frameless acoustic ceiling solution in several geometric shapes.

Hanna Ransjö at Winell & Jern Arkitekter, who is responsible for the project, shares:

“It worked out very well to implement acoustic islands that hang freely underneath the ceiling. Using these islands gave us great freedom when designing the premises. One of the biggest benefits was the fact that we could choose any NSC colour for the islands. This made it easy to combine the suspended ceiling solution with other materials and colours in the different rooms.”

The choice of colours is not a coincidence but a natural consequence of the vision for the place:

“During the process, we have had different keywords for each part of the project. We wanted to create environments that serve their purpose and we wanted to make it easy for people to orient themselves. For example, we chose a green suspended ceiling from Rockfon for the "Care Nature" area and worked more with contrasts for the "Inspire, Combine, and Make" area.”

Ebbepark, Spektrum

Fridtunagatan 24
582 12, Linköping

It worked out very well to implement acoustic islands that hang freely underneath the ceiling. Using these islands gave us great freedom when designing the premises.

Hanna Ransjö

Winell & Jern Arkitekter

Many opportunities and few limitations

Kim Eklöf, a project consultant at Rockfon, emphasises the importance of the customer getting what they want while remaining true to their vision. This means both accessibility and flexibility:

We place a high emphasis on addressing the needs of our customers and responding to their requests. In Ebbepark, a place where creativity should flourish, we have been highly focused on colours. Our ceilings were delivered in nine different NSC colours."

“Rockfon can create and produce customer-specific colors if needed. If the customer doesn't have a clear idea of what they want, Rockfon will be happy to advise them on what would work best and find a great solution that meets their requirements.”

"We have a team of highly skills people, who would be happy to be of service,” Kim Eklöf emphasised.

We have a strong focus on meeting the customer's needs and to be responsive to their wishes.

Kim Eklöf

Rockfon Project Consultant

Ebbepark, Spektrum

Location:Linköping, Sweden
Architect:Winell & Jern Arkitekter, Hanna Ransjö
Installer:LEAB AB
Photographer:Ola Österling
Tiles:Rockfon Blanka®, Rockfon Eclipse®, Rockfon Eclipse® Colour
Edges:A, E15
Dimensions:600 x 600, 1200 x 1200, 1800 x 1200

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