"To tell a local story" is the challenge of the major hotel chains today, as they are moving from standardising to localising their customers' experience. This was the case of the lobby of the Mercure Hyères Center Hotel: impersonal at first, it has been transformed into an original and warm place thanks to the Rockfon Color-all® ceiling tiles.

Interior designer Karolina Lubkowski was inspired by Villa Noailles in Hyères, one of the first modern villas in France. It has been able to reproduce the black and white contrasts of its interiors in the ceiling, using the Rockfon Color-all tiles in several shades of gray.

She has thus obtained a gradiant colour effect, with darker colours in the "lounges" delimited by  bright coloured walls, and lighter shades in the circulation areas. Minimalist, the tiles' X edge is almost invisible, and the architect broke the conventions by placing the Rockfon grid obliquely (turned 45°) to obtain a more dynamic look.

Noisy space by definition, the lobby naturally posed an acoustic challenge, accentuated by the reverberant floor and the wide windows. The choice of the Rockfon ceiling allowed guests to clearly hear their interlocutors in a quiet and intimate space.

Hôtel Mercure Hyères Centre, Hyères

19 Avenue Ambroise Thomas
83400 Hyères


Hôtel Mercure Hyères Centre

Location:Hyères, France
Architect:Karolina Lubkowski, KL Studio Design
Photographer:Sylvain Barthelemy
Tiles:Rockfon Color-all®
Dimensions:600 x 600

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