Could an acoustic ceiling help you create a healthy office and lock in post-pandemic tenants?

March 10, 2020

In our newest whitepaper, we look at how the healthy office can help businesses coax workers from their work-from-home bubbles when the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. What’s a healthy office? Think cleverly renovated workspaces with proven health benefits. Noise, for example, dramatically lowers productivity and boosts stress, and long-term exposure can cause serious heart or digestion problems. The whitepaper shows how renovating your property into a healthy office with an acoustic ceiling can create calmly thriving places where people want to work.

Already an emerging opportunity in the rental office space, the healthy office trend has received an extraordinary boost from the COVID-19 pandemic. Keen to reignite in-person collaboration and all the performance benefits it brings, many employers are rethinking the office. Their focus is worker wellbeing, safety and productivity, which now form the bedrock of any successful office upgrade. Our new whitepaper looks at the opportunity for you to capitalise on this with the right kind of renovation. So what kind of renovation are buyers and tenants looking for?

The whitepaper highlights top post-pandemic upgrades for the office sector and how they’re shaping building design for the future:

  1. Acoustics: With workers videoconferencing instead of using meeting rooms, offices get noisy. Materials that reduce distraction promote the healthy cognition needed to work productively. 
  2. Daylight: In a recent study, almost half of employees said lack of natural light at work made them feel tired and gloomy. Investing in renovations that use building materials to optimise light will make your building more attractive. 
  3. Flexible layouts: The hotdesking trend has given way to well-spaced allocated desks needed for safe, socially distanced working. However, open plan layouts will resurge if the work-from-home trend persists as companies look to optimise floor space for reduced worker density. Tenants will value spacious meeting rooms and collaboration areas that can flex easily to accommodate desired density.
  4. Sanitary by design: Tenants will prefer materials that are hygienic, safe and easy to clean, with cutting-edge HVAC systems for healthy ventilation. 

The whitepaper explores how acoustics can impact your office property and the wellbeing of its users, as well as the four types of acoustics you will need in a modern office space. The whitepaper also acknowledges interesting developments in the world of acoustic ceilings, with new solutions such as Rockfon Blanka®, which have positive and healthy acoustic properties while retaining a strong design aesthetic.

Rockfon Blanka®

Rockfon Blanka® acoustic ceiling tiles have been engineered to create a comfortable and visibly brighter indoor environment, while contributing to energy savings.

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