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September 22, 2017

In this newsletter we share our most recent grid and accessory solutions that combine aesthetics, flexibility and functionality.

Person holding a box of Chicago Metallic suspension grid profiles from Rockfon

Flexible grid installation

We showcase the new developments made to our popular Chicago Metallic™ T24 and T15 grids. In line with market standards, the slot distances have changed from 150mm to 100mm between each slot.

Modern and functional packaging

The new packaging now benefits from a visual make-over as well as handy tear strips. Easy to spot with its clear Rockfon branding, the new packaging now weighs less than 20kgs and can be carried by just one person. Its new and unique two-sided tear strip allows you to quickly unload the profiles. Extra “end protection” built into the box safeguards the profiles from risk of impact during transportation and storage.

Highlights of newsletter

  • Light frame pairs service integration with beautiful design
    Made exclusively for our Rockfon System T24 X™, the easy to install light frame allows for easy integration alongside other services in the ceiling.
  • Securing the ceiling design
    The new Wall Spring FIXT guarantees that the tile is kept in its desired position. A perfect solution that is easy to install and use.
  • Time effective and hassle free corner caps
    Our new corner caps ensure you are able to achieve a beautiful finish witout the need for mitred profiles.

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