Improved Rockfon Eclipse® Islands brighten up rooms with new super white surface

January 11, 2017

An architects dream, the ultimate in interior design is achieved with the newly enhanced Rockfon Eclipse® frameless acoustic ceiling islands.

Rockfon Eclipse® Islands installed in the open plan office space of IIH Nordic, Copenhagen, Denmark

Rockfon Eclipse® Islands installed in the open plan office space of IIH Nordic, Copenhagen, Denmark

To help articulate and highlight the features of a room, Rockfon has replaced the current Rockfon Eclipse surface with the superior, deep matt, super white surface of Rockfon Blanka®.

This value-adding process creates a frameless ceiling island capable of drawing daylight into rooms as well as enhancing a room’s acoustics. The improved light reflection and light diffusion properties can contribute to energy savings by utilising natural daylight in a more efficient way.

Rockfon Eclipse now also has a more durable surface thanks to the anti-static properties of the Rockfon Blanka surface. This means that the Rockfon Eclipse islands will withstand dirt and everyday wear and tear for longer, extending the product's lifetime

A sharper appeal

Replacing the old B edge which had a bevelled finish, Rockfon Eclipse now has a modern, minimalistic straight A edge.

Ceiling islands are often chosen when acoustic regulation is needed but a simplistic and modern design is a priority. The improved Rockfon Eclipse responds to these challenges with the clean A edge and elegance of the super white surface.

Further refining the Rockfon Eclipse appearance, a new suspension set has been developed, adding to the crisp and elegant look of the acoustic solution.

Quantity on demand

Seeking to enhance our customer experience, Rockfon has reduced the minimum amount of Rockfon Eclipse islands in a box. Previously, Rockfon Eclipse was supplied in packages of four islands. Now, we have extended our service range to include packages of two islands as well.

The usual high performance

The new Rockfon Eclipse islands also provide you with the benefit of Class A1 reaction to fire, the safest classification, up to 100% relative humidity, keeping it dimensionally stable for longer and providing a high level of sound absorbency.

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