Building for productivity

March 29, 2019

What are some of the most important building features to impact productivity? A recent study listed access to light and acoustics as two of the most highly rated design characteristics to impact employee happiness.

As we continue to transition toward a knowledge-based economy, the impact that a good indoor climate has on employee satisfaction and productivity will continue to grow - especially with over 90% of a company’s operating costs linked directly to personnel expenses. 

Studies show that a building’s design plays a huge role in creating an optimized work environment and there are valuable insights that can drive workplace strategies, exposing office design pitfalls that negatively impact workplace productivity. 

Why sound matters

There are a number of fundamental improvements companies can do to enhance the overall satisfaction of their employees, and many of them are quickly executed. However, there remain some building features that are not easily remedied post construction and which can be quite costly if not thought of early in the building process.

In the Leesman Impact Code, which is a group that studies how workplaces affect employee and organisational performance, found that employees highly value access to natural light (73.9% of employees surveyed) and quiet (73.3 percent of employees surveyed). These ranked as some of the most important physical features of a building, and what’s more, of the people surveyed, noise levels had one of the lowest overall employee satisfaction rates, with only 30.6% being happy with their current office acoustics.

Let’s encourage productivity and comfort by building with the users in mind.  Contact us and learn about how we can help you build for productivity.

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