Rockfon X-edge light frame pairs service integration and beautiful design

July 22, 2020

Finding the perfect solution that enables service integrations without altering the visual design of your space is finally here.

acoustic ceiling

X-edge light frame

Perfectly concealed light and service integration

Made exclusively for our elegant Rockfon X-edge ceiling tile, the easy to mount Rockfon X-edge Light Frame snuggly fits into the grid, providing an aesthetic and practical finish to the installation of any X-edge ceiling.

It allows for the easy installation of both a light frame and other relevant service integration without compromising the visual finish of the room. It leaves no gaps between the suspension system and the Rockfon X-edge tiles, keeping your concealed ceiling grid smooth and flush with the acoustic ceiling tiles.


  • An aesthetic design solution for standard light fixtures and ventilation services
  • Smooth transition between services integration and X-edge ceiling tiles
  • Can be used with a wide variety of modular lights

Compatible and functional design

Fully recyclable, the Rockfon X-edge Light Frame is available in 600x600mm, which can be installed either before or after the lighting and ventilation installation. The Rockfon X-edge Light Frame is compatible with a variety of modular lights.

Rockfon X-edge systems

The ceiling system comes in two different versions. The first is Rockfon® System T24 X DLC™, a double layer grid layout to provide extra stability and easier installation of larger format ceiling tiles, the second is our Rockfon® System T24 X™.

To see how easy these are to install - including the X-edge light frame - watch both videos below.

DK, Overformynderiet, Copenhagen, Rørbæk & Møller Arkitekter ApS, Healthcare, Rockfon Sonar, X edge, 1800x600, White, Rockfon System T24 X

Rockfon System T24 X DLC

Ideal concealed ceiling system for large rooms, low installation height and full demountability and easy installation of large-format ceiling tiles.

A. Enggaard A/S - Ceresbyen 64,Denmark,Aarhus,A. Enggaard A/S,ROCKFON Blanka,X-edge,1200x600,white,Chicago Metallic T24

Rockfon System T24 X

Ideal concealed ceiling system for large rooms, low installation height and full demountability and easy integration of services.

Sleek acoustic ceiling solution

The new headquarters of Bialmed is housed in a modern and elegant building that was designed by architects from the 3XA studio. The interior design consists of a main hall, an open-space area, well-lit office spaces that are located along glass facades, conference rooms and a foyer area. Rockfon Blanka X-edge was chosen for its minimalist style and excellent acoustics.

Pisz, Poland, Bialmed Sp. z o.o., Rockfon Blanka® X-edge

PL, Bialmed Sp. z o.o., Pisz, 3XA, Office, Rockfon Blanka, X edge, 1200x600x22, White

Soft curves and minimalist solution

Located at Amerika Square in Copenhagen, the soft curves and great acoustic ceiling solution creates a very welcoming workspace. Despite its city location, the office space is very bright, thanks to the Rockfon Blanka ceiling, which draws in a lot of natural light.


Copenhagen, Denmark, Mærsk Amerika Plads, Rockfon Blanka X-edge

DK, Mærsk Amerika Plads, PLH Arkitekter, Office, Reception, Open plan office, Rockfon Blanka, X edge, white