Creating a world that sounds good to everyone

October 19, 2020

How do we ensure we design interiors that allow people to feel relaxed and comfortable, so they can concentrate, create and enjoy life more?

people in an office, meeting room

Over the past few decades, a growing focus on occupant wellbeing has started to reshape both modern building design and our understanding of how it can affect all aspects of human experience: how we heal, how we learn, how we work and how we enjoy our leisure time. Many organisations are now using these insights to undertake some much-needed renovation in order to create more people-friendly spaces.

In this context, architects, builders, managers and maintainers have to look more deeply at how the built environment affects how we feel and behave. And that’s opened up a very humancentric dialogue, with the key question now being: ”How do we ensure we design interiors that allow people to feel relaxed and comfortable, so they can concentrate, create and enjoy life more?”

Rockfon is an important part of this conversation. It’s driving our focus on human wellness. And it’s the reason why we put people at the heart of everything we do.

The impact of excess noise

The evidence is clear. From shopping malls to hospitals, from factories to schools and offices, noise is a major disturbance to work and concentration. Research shows that around 7 in 10 employees are unhappy with the acoustics in their workplace and that each distraction leads to reduced concentration for 10-15 minutes.

Noise is not just a primary cause of lower productivity and higher absenteeism at work.

In schools where children mishear or misunderstand their teacher, they’re at a serious learning disadvantage. Noise can also be life-threatening. In loud factories, workers can fail to hear approaching vehicles. In busy hospitals medical instructions can be misheard. And noise is a significant contributor to stress, which can lead to anxiety and depression.

How to optimise acoustics today

Solving the negative impact of noise is the primary focus of our acoustic solutions. But it is not the only thing that’s detrimental to workplace wellbeing, so we’ve been adding innovative features to our products to create healthier, happier workplaces. One of our focuses is on light. We have a beautiful range of ceiling tiles that reflect natural light throughout a building to help improve performance and visual comfort.

We also improve hygiene in factories and hospitals with products that resist bacterial growth and are easy to disinfect and clean. We have a ceiling tile collection in inspiring, uplifting, energising and calming colours. And because our products are made from natural stone wool they resist fire and act as a natural filter to improve indoor climate.

It’s that unique combination of qualities – all contributing to wellbeing – that really sets us apart at Rockfon.

Looking to the future

It’s an exciting space to play in and the start of great things to come. As a company, we’re looking into future innovations – for example using our ceilings to radiate heating and cooling in a broader space. We’re also looking at other ways to bring innovative acoustics to design trends – from walls to acoustic furniture – and to increase our range for open-plan spaces.

We’ve been inspired by everyone’s contributions – from marketing to manufacturing and from our customers too. Thank you for continuing to support us in building Rockfon as a modern, sustainable business with a truly inspiring purpose – creating a world that sounds good to everyone.

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