Safeguard your modular acoustic ceiling solution

January 1, 1

Rockfon has developed three Hold Down Clips to beat four challenges that can occur with a modular ceiling.

Rockfon Hold Down Clips

Our Hold Down Clips secure your modular ceilings

To avoid concerns associated with choosing a modular acoustic ceiling solution, we've created three specially designed Hold Down Clips. You won't have to worry anymore about uplift, which is created when there is a sharp pressure change in a room,  or that the acoustic ceiling tile falls out of the ceiling grid when cleaning the tile or because it is inadvertently hit. 

Each Hold Down Clip is specifically designed with a large point of contact, behind the ceiling tile, which ensures that even pressure is kept on the ceiling tile without damaging it.

Easy to mount and demount, our Hold Down Clips are made in plastic, making them resistant to corrosion.

Our three Hold Down Clips perfectly fit with our acoustic ceiling tile grid system. They accommodate several different types of tile thickness, making it easy for you to find the Hold Down Clip that is right for you.

Highlighted Points:

  • Can be used in harsh indoor environments like; swimming pools, kitchens and sanitary areas
  • It has enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Easy to mount and demount, giving easy access to the plenum when needed


Check out our Rockfon Hold Down Clips datasheet and brochure for more information.