Students are the future – let’s create optimal classroom acoustics for them to succeed

Do you also like the sound of a happier, healthier school? We do too. That’s one of the keystones in why we contentiously work and innovate with architects to find solutions that help students realise their potential and educate for a better future. But what is important when designing classrooms?


Students are the future

No matter their background or their field of study, students are going to take our countries forward. We should always celebrate those who strive and want to gain more knowledge. And a lot of students are going to great lengths to do so.

For almost 80 years, the 17th November is marked as The International Students’ Day. It is celebration day all around the world with a special focus on ensuring education is available for all students. It is a commemoration for student activism and every year the OBESSU (Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions) raise awareness for students’ rights and needs with a variety of activities. The main goal is to improve higher education for students and society.[1] 

Students display and celebrate their acts of social responsibility and showcase their engagement to education.  
“The International Students” day manifest development and seek for improvements for students, we build the future of tomorrow. Our broad range of acoustic solutions gives you the freedom to design better learning environments.


We are the ‘Shh.’ in thoughtful classrooms

As students need to concentrate to obtain the knowledge required in their education, a noisy classroom can have a deep impact on their ability to learn. Excessively noisy conditions impact students’ health, the way they think as well as their overall academic performance.

Sound and noise can travel a long time after it has been made as it passes through the products’ surface and part of the energy is being reflected into space. Rockfon offers a variety of acoustic ceiling systems made with the combination of stone wool and ceiling panels. The stone wool efficiently absorbs the noise or sound where it is transformed from sound energy into minuscule amounts of heat energy. Our ceiling systems are a fast and simple way to create better acoustics to limit sound reverberation and comfortable spaces with a “shh” atmosphere.

A proper sound absorption controls the ambient sound pressure levels in a space where speech intelligibility is raised so conversations become easier to understand. The quality of sound absorption is determined by the sound solution. To achieve high levels of acoustic comfort it is all about the layout of the space.  

How to create great acoustic environments to limit noise pollution:

Acoustic design tips:

  1. Use high-quality sound-absorbing materials to reduce the sound and prevent it from spreading
    • Stone wool is our core materials as it is by nature highly sound-absorbent and promote high levels of acoustic comfort.
  2. Use thicker and more sound-absorbing materials around parameters in the room to optimise the sound reduction

What can be done to secure better surroundings for students?

Reducing the level of distraction and noise can be challenging as the educational spaces need to continue to be a flexible, engaging, and inspiring environment. Major contributors to obtain that are light and sound.

Rockfon® Artic™ satisfies these requirements which is why it was installed in classrooms. It has a smooth, white surface which offers optimum light reflection, contributing to a comfortable environment. Rockfon® ArticTM also provides enhanced sound absorption to ensure teachers can communicate so that students can perform at their best.

Rockfon Blanka® has been engineered to create comfortable and brighter indoor environments. With the smooth, deep, matt, and super-white surface it contributes to high light reflection and light diffusion. Rockfon Blanka® has high sound absorption to control the sound and reduce stress while boosting productivity, focus, learning, health and well-being.

Rockfon® ScholorTM harmonises with the interior and control noise.
Create brighter spaces with great acoustics that align with the contemporary interior. It provides good impact resistance and complies with BB93 Acoustics for Schools. Aesthetically the tiles were the perfect fit because the white surface finish enhances the school’s minimalist design.

Rockfon® Tropic™ D concealed edge ceiling tiles were specifically chosen for the special needs unit. Rockfon Tropic provides Class A sound absorption help create a learning environment that offers optimum speech intelligibility which is essential for all children, but particularly those with learning difficulties

Why is Rockfon the best choice for future student surroundings?  

The concern regarding how noise harms students ability to perform is the driven force that makes us create the best acoustic solutions.
The question remains how can we optimise acoustics in our daily environment? To diminish these consequences of uncontrolled, poor acoustics, we need materials that absorb and reduce ambient sound levels, which prevents reverberation. Sound absorbing materials such as the natural stone wool help to control sound pressure levels and it is the core material in Rockfon’s tiles and panels.

The use of these tiles and panels is an effective way to achieve the ideal balance of acoustic comfort and, therefore, greatly reduce the risks of noise pollution and hearing loss.

Our expertise and unrivalled level of experience in the education sector make us a trustworthy partner to secure the students' well-being and create acoustic comfort to assist their performance.  

We are your sustainability partner

Our high-quality products are made from natural stone. They work, they’re beautiful and they last – until they’re recycled to make more. And we provide all the necessary documentation to support you in creating a sustainable school project. So, when you choose Rockfon you make a responsible choice for our students but also the planet.


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