We’ve just made an animation video for our Rockfon System T24 A suspended ceiling solution

For several years we’ve been working on bringing you closer to the installation, letting you see in every detail how to perfectly install our acoustic ceiling systems. We're now proud to announce that we’ve added the Rockfon System T24 A solution to our video library.

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Rockfon System T24 A

Rockfon System T24 A is a 24mm wide visible grid ceiling system, which means that your acoustic ceiling tiles rests on the grid and that the ceiling tile edge doesn’t protrude from the grid.  

The ceiling system is versatile; it can be installed as a suspended ceiling using our Chicago Metallic™ T24 click 2890 suspension set, and with the click system, it is really easy to install or even demount if needed. However, should your next project not allow you to install a suspended ceiling, you can always mount it directly to the soffit.

A practical feature of this acoustic ceiling system is that the main runners and cross tees have a uniform height of 38mm, ensuring that you get a stable acoustic ceiling solution and that the integration of necessary services is hassle-free.

System highlights:

  • Ceiling system with a 24mm wide visible grid
  • A quick and easy installation
  • Easy integration with services and fittings because of the equal height of the 38mm main runners and cross tees
  • Every tile is demountable and fewer hangers allow easy access to the plenum

Text: Download the Rockfon System T24 A of installation details.

We go 3 dimensional

To capture every detail and nuance of installing the Rockfon System T24 A solution, we’ve created a 3D installation video, which is a great addition to the system description. You will be able to see the entire installation process of both our suspension system and ceiling tiles, from A to Z, with the same quality, superior range of visual movement and spatial relations, which offers a high-level of visual guidance, as all of our other installation videos.

Take a second and have a look at our the Rockfon System T24 A solution and see how easy it is to install.

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Rockfon® System T24 A™

Ceiling system with a 24 mm wide visible grid with A-edge tiles

What am I getting?

  • A great addition tool to our system descriptions that visually capture important installation details
  • A high-level of visual guidance
  • Capture superior installation movement and spatial relations

Our 3D installation video library

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