Outstanding acoustics and innovative design comes together

September 23, 2020

Our acoustic solutions transform every imaginable space, and we innovate with architects to realise designs that look as good as they sound – here are some examples from our architectural contest that is held in Russia each year.

interior design with acoustic ceiling

Egor Mikushin, project “Restoration of the historical complex of the Palace stables in Peterhof.

Architects and designers, university students, design studios employees, design organisations and bureaus; all took part in the competition to see who would take home the grand prize. 

The winners in each category were:

  • Office interior design - Evgeniy Kovpak. Project: "COTY".
  • Medical facility interior design- Dmitry Batenkov. Project: Yekaterinburg Medical Center.
  • Recreation and entertainment industry interior design - Anna Guseva. Project: "Interior solutions during the reconstruction and technical re-equipment of FSUK Moscow State Academy of Theater Arts".
  • Sports facility interior design - Egor Mikushin. Project: "Restoration of the historical complex of the Palace stables in Peterhof. 

All the projects submissions really wowed the jury. They were impressed by the creative approach taken by the designers and how they integrated their personal style, with our acoustic ceiling solutions, while respecting the function of the space they were working with.

A historical building gets a contemporary facelift

One of the winning projects for the best interior of a sports facility was for the restoration of the historical Palace stables in Peterhof. N.L. Benois designed them for Nicholas I in 1848-1855, the imperial stables are inspired by a medieval fortress in the English Gothic style. The imposing size of the building plays a significant role in the architectural composition of the city, linking Alexandria Palace and Park with the rest of the Gothic houses and the surrounding city buildings.

The Palace stables in Peterhof is constructed in a massive trapezoidal quadrangle. Along the perimeter of the trapezoid, you’ll find nine towers that are connected by separate residential and service buildings. The inner space is divided by horse stalls with four spacious courtyards. 






A unique project with special attention to acoustics and horses!

“Considering the importance and uniqueness of the project, it was critical to design both the external and internal space very carefully.” says Egor Mikushin. The distinctiveness of the building combined with the sensitivity of horses, which are animals that are can pick up a variety of frequencies, everything from 55Hz to 33.5 kHz, making it extremely important that they are in a comfortable acoustic environment.

The horse stalls, located under the historic arches of the main building, are designed using Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic. The flexibility of the acoustic ceiling solution enables it to mirror the vaulted. Rockfon Eclipse® acoustic islands are installed under the vaults as well as in the arena, creating a high level of acoustic comfort and drawing the daylight further into the space.

The Committee on State Control, Use and Protection of Historical and Cultural Landmarks approved the project and construction on it has already begun. 

Transforming spaces with architects

Last year marked the fourth annual Rockfon Concept of Ceilings; Acoustics and Life competition. Despite the limited deadline for submitting projects, there was a considerable number of creative works from some very talented people that found innovative ways of using our products. "We're delighted with how the competition is received. For the first time since we started, we got submissions from not only Russia but from other countries as well. We're glad that our competition inspires people to create new design projects. We thank everyone that has participated in the competition. Congratulations to all the winners!"- comments Sergey Kuritsin, Head of Rockfon Business in Russia and the CIS. 

We are glad that our competition inspires people to create new design projects and look for extraordinary solutions. All the participants and winners over the years continue to delight us with their works.

Sergey Kuritsin

Head of Rockfon Business in Russia and the CIS