Mix or match! Get the perfect acoustic ceiling solution in colour

January 1, 1

To get the very best in design, many interior architects and designers are turning to colourful elements to perfectly match each other, and an acoustic ceiling tile and grid are no exception.

The inspiring palette of Rockfon Colours of Wellbeing

Rockfon Colours of Wellbeing turns elements into colourful elements that match each other

Matt colour grids will dominate the interior design over the coming years. Getting the perfect match between an acoustic ceiling tile and the grid has always been a particular challenge of a suspended acoustic ceiling. And even when you find the perfect match, because of the smoothness of the grid, the reflection can change the appearance of the colour, altering the visual finish of the ceiling.   

Get the perfect colour of the grid for your acoustic ceiling solution project 

Gone are the days where interior designers would turn an eye to glossy grids that diluted or altered the colour of the grid, which is why we’ve extended our grid assortment to offer the Matt grid in colours. The new matt grid in colours comes in 34 different colours and has a gloss unit of <5 at 15°angle and 50 at a 60° angle, which makes it an extremely matt finish.  

The new Rockfon Color-all® Grid is available in both our T15 and T24 grids and an assortment of our accessories, including our L and W profiles. The textured surface drastically reduces reflections that are found on metal surfaces by diffusing the light, suppressing the propagation of light along the grid, enhancing the colour of the grid.

The visual result of the grid surfaces underlines and supports the high aspirations of architects and interior designers when specifying a colour ceiling. Now the full ceiling surface, which includes the grid, will look more smooth and consistent than ever, becoming an essential part of the ceiling finish.  

Highlighted Point: 
  • An unobtrusive suspension system that is perfect for visible or semi-concealed solutions
  • Available in a complete suspension system range, T15 and T24 grids, as well as our W and L Wall


  • An affordable, elegant solution with a high-end finish.

Reaction to Fire: A1 

Gloss level: <5 at 15°angle and 50 at a 60° angle 

Corrosion Resistance: B 

Environment: Fully Recyclable 


  Rockfon Color-all® Range 
  Chicago Metallic™ T24 Hook 850 
  Chicago Metallic™ T15 Click 2790 
  Chicago Metallic™ T15 Hook 7500 
  Chicago Metallic™ W-profiles 
W8 X 12 
  Chicago Metallic™ L-Profiles 
L24 x 19