A New Factory in Sweden Opens New Opportunities

January 1, 1

Parafon, part of Rockfon, moves into a brand-new factory that house everything from product development to manufacturing, sales, and customer service. This transition enables Rockfon to improve product quality and serve our customers in the Nordic countries with both Parafon and Rockfon brands.

Parafon opening a new factory in Sweden

Parafon opening a new factory in Sweden

Creating a world that sounds good to everyone   

With the focus to deliver high quality and sustainable acoustic solutions, in 2020, Rockfon acquired Paroc’s acoustic ceilings business, which operates under the sub-brand of Parafon.

Like Rockfon, Parafon uses stone wool as its core material for blocking and absorbing noise — ultimately supporting designers and architects to bring better well-being indoors.  

The move into the brand-new factory enables Rockfon to bring product development, manufacturing, sales, and customer services together. With the new location, Rockfon is now better suited to serve our customer base in the Nordics with both Parafon and Rockfon brands. 

'We’re a long-term player in this market. Indoor acoustics is a growing business, driven by a greater awareness of the noise impact on people’s health, well-being and comfort. We look forward to growing the Rockfon and Parafon brands and finding new and even better ways, to meet customers’ expectations with our products and services.' says Parik Chopra, Managing Director, Rockfon Europe & Asia 

We look forward to growing the Rockfon and Parafon brands and finding new and even better ways, to meet customers’ expectations with our products and services.

Parik Chopra

Managing Director, Rockfon Europe & Asia

Sustainable decision gives future opportunities for better customer service  

On December 1st, 2021, we officially welcomed the new 45,000 square metre Parafon factory in Skövde into the Rockfon family. And we can happily announce that our high-quality acoustic panels are already in production. With this new plant located in Norra Ryd’s business area, it enables staff and visitors to easily commute to the facility.  

'From both a sustainability perspective and a customer service point of view, it’s a huge achievement for us to open this new factory. We invest a lot to stay close and be close to our customers — as short transport distance as possible — preferably. Needless to say, the location here at Norra Ryds is perfect for both us and our visitors. To us, this facility is a large plot with more expansion opportunities in the future. This transition is undoubtably just the beginning of our expansion journey.' says Magnus Svedjeland, Factory Manager at the new Parafon factory.  

With the new facility, we can improve customer satisfaction by providing more flexible and faster deliveries to our customers. Additionally, the current production line can meet the market demand by enhancing production efficiency, operational safety, and overall quality.  

Magnus Svedjeland continues: “This new facility will receive better production flows, ensure future production, and improve the existing ones. Furthermore, with the right safety measures, we can optimise operational safety on our work floor, as it is extremely important to us.”  

Strengthening the core value to deliver better quality  

The new plant enables new possibilities in the indoor acoustic industry, where we’re able to offer even higher product quality, and add more value by providing co-delivery. All the manufacturing stages are now under the same roof. Consequently, this facilitates intercommunication and strengthens customer service for the customers in the Nordic countries.