Electrification for CO2 Reduction Begins in Roermond Factory

March 28, 2024

Two production lines in Roermond, the Netherlands, are undergoing conversion to use electric melting technology based on low-carbon electricity. The electrification of melting processes will be completed by 2025–2027 and is set to accelerate CO2 reduction targets.

aerial view rockwool factory in roermond, the Netherlands

Rockwool Rockfon factory, Roermond, the Netherlands

Rockfon, part of ROCKWOOL Group, is proud to announce that the Roermond plant in the Netherlands will be witnessing an important step towards achieving its global CO2 reduction targets. The Group approved plans to electrify two production lines in Roermond, marking a milestone in the pursuit of their science-based CO2 emission reduction target by 2034 and the net-zero emission target by 2050.

The two production lines will be converted to use innovative electric melting technology based on low-carbon electricity. Upon completion, CO2 emissions are expected to fall by as much as 80 percent for the two lines and by more than half for the factory overall.

With the impressive CO2 emissions reduction, we have taken a major step in improving the sustainability footprint of our acoustic offerings.

​​Mostafa Alkhamrichi​

​​Operations & Development Director, Rockfon​