Suspended ceiling installer in the UK installing Rockfon Tropic A Edge. Installer, installing, ceiling, tiles
Sørlandssenteret, Norway, Kristiansand, LPO Arkitekter, Veidekke, Thon gruppen AS, Bico Bygg og Innredninger, Erik Burås, CMC 2800, Rockfon System T24 A/E, White, Tropic, A-edge, 600 x 600 x 15
Our competitively priced, ‘go to’ tile for everyday projects - filling gaps, retrofit and new build projects. Competitively priced with the Class A acoustic absorption built in for no extra cost.

Rockfon® Tropic™

Southmead Hospital,UK,Bristol, 110,000m2 installed in total by CCP (not all ROCKFON), Main Contractor - Carillion, North Bristol NHS Trust, Carlton Ceilings & Partitions, Slough, Julian James, MediCare Plus, E-edge, 600 x 600, 1200 x 600, White, Rocklink 24
Healthcare and data centres are the primary use for these tiles as they can withstand high pressure cleaning (compliant with HTM 60) and do not contribute to the growth of MRSA.

Rockfon® MediCare® Plus

school, education, 2012, Alaska, Koral, Scholar, Samson, A_edge
This is a tile for school classrooms, both retrofit and new build. It meets acoustic Building Regulations (BB93) and has durable edges which remain intact even when removed and reinstalled regularly.

Rockfon® Scholar™

No Dust. Suspended ceiling installer in the UK installing Rockfon Tropic A Edge. Installer, installing, ceiling, tiles

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