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Ceiling solutions or general

What type of ceiling can I create with Rockfon systems?

• Exposed Grid

• Semi Concealed Grid

• Concealed Grid

• Concealed, no grid

• Monolithic

• Discontinuous/exposed soffit

Does Rockfon provide discontinuous / exposed soffit ceiling solutions?

Yes, there are many Rockfon solutions that can be used to create highly sound absorbing discontinuous ceiling / exposed soffit ceiling solutions. These include:

What is the difference between the different types of mineral fibre ceiling tiles?

The term ‘mineral fibre’ is widely used in the context of suspended ceiling tiles throughout the world. The term can be sub divided into two main categories:

  • Resin bonded mineral wool (two main types are stone wool and glass wool)
  • Wet felted mineral fibre, felted or moulded

While both types of resin bonded mineral wool provide high performance in comparison with traditional wet felted mineral fibre ceiling tiles, stone wool has a substantially higher melting point; therefore pure stone wool ceiling tiles - Rockfon products - can be used in fire protecting applications. For example, Rockfon MediCare® Standard and MediCare® Plus tiles comply with the needs of SHTM 60 Ceilings in Healthcare and HBN 10.

In addition, unlike e.g. starch bound wet felted mineral fibre tiles, Rockfon ceiling tiles do not provide sustenance to micro-organisms.

What product properties do Rockfon declare in terms of CE marking?

Customers need to be able to trust the declared performance of ceiling manufacturers and that is exactly the purpose of CE marking. The European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) introduced the EN 13964 norm for suspended ceilings which has been mandatory since 1st July 2007.

The norm aims to make it easier to compare suspended ceilings. To achieve this, it defines those product  characteristics which can or must be declared on product labels and in product documentation. In the interest of maximising the information we provide to our customers, we have selected a considerable number of parameters that are now declared for each of our CE marked products. We not only declares the mandatory properties Reaction to Fire and Emission of Formaldehyde, but also sound Absorption, flexural tensile strength, durability, thermal insulation, as well as informing customers on values for light reflection, impact resistance and sound insulation when relevant.

All of our relevant ceiling tiles have been CE marked since October 2005, across all our factories in Europe. In addition, we have chosen the highest level of attestation of
conformity AVCP1. This means that an independent certification organisation – Belgian Construction Certification Association (BCCA) – has verified our initial type testing program and continuously retains our product documentation and production facilities under surveillance. All declared AVCP1 and 3 values have been tested and verified by independent and accredited laboratories. Furthermore, our continuously audited Factory Production Control will always ensure that customers receive products that live up to the standards of the product performance declared under the CE mark.

All Chicago Metallic™ ceiling grids and substructure components are also CE marked, declaring mandatory values for reaction to fire, durability, and load-bearing capacity. Our certified Quality Assurance System ensures that declared product performance is always reliable and uniform.