The highest class of sound absorption

Thanks to the unique power of stone wool, the products in the Standard White Tiles portfolio have Class A sound absorption, the highest rating achievable. The tiles absorb the sounds in a space, reducing noise and reverberation to maximise acoustic comfort and improve speech intelligibility.

Auditorium / Concert Hall in Sct. Lbs Skole in Horsens Denmark with Rockfon Blanka E-Edge

High fire resistance

Rockfon acoustic ceiling tiles remain stable – even at extremely high temperatures. The stone wool core of all Rockfon products is non-combustible with a melting point above 1000°C. It doesn't contribute to the spread of fire and doesn't generate smoke or flaming droplets.

DK, Politiskolen, Vejle, Erik Arkitekter, Svend Christensen, Education, Reception, Rockfon Sonar, X-Edge, 600x600, white

Draw in more light

Rockfon acoustic white ceiling tiles have the best-in-class light reflectance values,
reflecting 85–87 percent of daylight to allow for indoor climates that are less reliant on artificial lighting. Besides their impact across design, naturally lit indoor spaces are proven to contribute to user well-being.

NA, Greenberg Traurig, Sonar, 4000 Tempra, Gensler

A full lifecycle approach

Rockfon products are made from up to 50 percent recycled materials. They last
long and minimise the need to renovate. Their accompanying Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) help meet requirements for green building certifications. When it's time to move or change, the dismantling of the ceiling tiles is a straightforward process – and the take- back scheme Rockcycle fully organises their recycling.

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