New innovative acoustic ceiling solutions for infinite design possibilities

The new 3D application to the standard system ceiling was developed together with the interior architect, Gerben van der Molen from Stars Design and Rockfon. This ceiling innovation gives the freedom to the architects to play with heights and patterns of the ceiling panels in a standard system ceiling to fit the interior while having outstanding acoustics.
“The application makes a system ceiling a pleasure rather than a burden.” Gerben van der Molen
Hotel Theatre Figi has the scoop of the first Rockfon 3D system ceiling performed in black and white in the foyer. The Hotel Theatre Director, Victoria Ruijs is really enthusiastic about the design, and how the ceiling mix white surfaced from Rockfon Blanka and a black suspension system. She explains how the ceiling seems to be the main draw despite the entire foyer has been renewed.
“All our guests are talking about it, it’s a real eye-catcher. I really think it’s a nice, playful ceiling that has the right look for our hotel theatre. It completes the design. At the same time, we can easily access all installation technology.” The director says that the colour scheme is a transit of the original design theme of the hotel and that the colour black and white can be seen in Zeist’s coat of arms.

Making a disadvantage into an advantage

Interior Architect Gerben van der Molen was at the front during the whole development of the 3D acoustic ceiling. And he started the journey by was looking for a ceiling solution that was both functional and affordable but also fitted to the creative setting.
The driving idea was to innovate and make the visible suspension structure that comes with a system ceiling into an advantage by emphasizing the suspension construction. “All manufacturers want to see their ceiling mounted as tightly as possible. But by giving the construction a colour and placing the tiles diagonally, it creates a very beautiful and decorative image. Viewed from every angle, if offers the visitors a different perspective. As an interior architect, I really think it strengthens the complete interior design.”
Van der Molen shared his vision and idea with Rockfon Key Account Manager, Anton Faber, who were enthusiastic about the idea. “Anton was at once enthusiastic and tried to make my design into practice. The development of a new system with new profiles and panels was not necessary as the concept and design could become a reality by combining existing profiles with a slightly modified ceiling panel.”
Hotel Theatre Figi was a suitable project to apply this new design for the first time. And Rockfon Development Centre created mock-ups and test set ups to make them see it as close to the reality.

The test setup convinced both the interior architect, the client, the construction and assembly company that the desired result could be achieved with standard available Rockfon solutions.
"Our starting point has always been to create a completely new look and experience with existing products and at a small extra cost", explains Technical Service Manager at Rockfon, Sven van Ool. "This also makes the system easy and budget-friendly to realize in existing situations where the visible ceiling system is replaced and then immediately 'upgraded'."

Outstanding acoustics in a unique look

The unique look and feel in the foyer of Hotel Theatre Figi is made with the standard Chicago Metallic™ suspension system. By highlighting the grid by using C-profiles and by placing the panels up in the system a playful and beautiful look is created. This innovation offers architects the opportunity to achieve great acoustics and to play with heights and patterns at the same time. This offers endless design options and a totally new experience.

Hotel Theatre Figi

Het Rond 2
3701 HS Zeist
The Netherlands

All our guests are talking about it, it’s a real eye-catcher, I think it's a really nice, playful ceiling that has the right look for our hotel theatre. It completes the design of the foyer.

Victoria Ruijs

Director of Hotel Theatre Figi

Hotel Theater Figi

Location:Zeist, Netherlands
Architect:Gerben van der Molen, Stars Design
Contractor:Anton Faber
Installer:MARVO systeemplafonds
Photographer:Michael van Oosten
Tiles:Rockfon Blanka®, Rockfon Color-all®
Dimensions:600 x 600

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