Swimming pool with a heart for the city

Jonfosse Pool in Liége is a good example of a public facility with a broad social function. This project is a part of a plan by the Walloon government to invest in the local sports environment.

Everybody can access and enjoy the acoustic atmosphere

The pool is open to everyone, and it offers swimming lessons at all levels contributing to the municipality’s goal to teach all children to swim before they leave primary school. The complex consists of a large 375 m2 sports pool with 6 lanes for a sport and a 150 m2 teaching and leisure pool, 100 seats, a play and relaxation lagoon as well as an elevated relaxation area. .

Smart design with beautiful soundscapes

The pool facility welcomes its visitors in comfortable surroundings, and from an architectural point of view, Swimming Pool Jonfosse is an urban project with rectangular shapes throughout the space. The design provides plenty of natural light, blends harmoniously in with the existing buildings and guarantees the privacy to the visitors.

Sustainability was also a key cornerstone of this design. The use of renewable energy sources and co-generation saves energy, and a rainwater recovery system reduces water consumption.

When you gather so many people, the noise level rises – so swimming pool acoustics were a top priority. They opted for Rockfon Pallas acoustic ceiling islands. They’re flexible and are placed above the baths with a special corrosion-resistant suspension system to prevent annoying reverberation and contribute to light reflection.

The changing rooms are equipped with Rockfon(r) Hydroclean(TM) ceiling panels as they’re highly water-repellent and specially treated surface ideally for damp rooms and the easy hygiene.

From the community, for the community

The special part for this swimming pool is that it offers public sanitary facilities for residents who don’t have access to them at home. It’s an initiative that George Truffaut took in 1942, when the social necessity for this was too high. For a small fee, the local population can now use it again, after the facilities closed the doors in 2002. The swimming pool has now reduced its entry rates for residents of Liége on the already low entrance fees to make a visit accessible to everyone.

The Jonfosse swimming pool is a part of a plan by the Walloon government to build or renovate 50 swimming pools within the next 5 years to expand the local sports infrastructure.

Jonfosse Swimming Pool

Rue Lambert le Bègue 36/38
4000 Luik

Acoustic ceiling solution:
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Acoustic ceiling solution:
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Swimming Pool Jonfosse

Location:Liège , Belgium
Architect:Bureau d'architecture Henri Garcia
Photographer:Vivian Hertz

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