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Rockfon® CleanSpace™: designed to contribute to excellent hygiene standards

1 January 1

With an outstanding balance of acoustic comfort, cleanability, and resistance to humidity and bacteria, our Rockfon CleanSpace range can help you keep a safe and sterile environment.


Rockfon CleanSpace portfolio in a laboratory in Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen Denmark

Hygienic Spaces Are a Must 

A building’s materials play an important role in limiting the spread of bacteria and infection. And with a heightened awareness of hygiene and sanitation in recent years, people will feel more comfortable in interiors that are designed for user health and well-being. To accommodate these needs, it’s more essential than ever to carefully consider the materials used in the built environment. 

The Importance of Acoustics  

We’re constantly exposed to noise pollution in indoor environments. Everyday activities like conversations, overhead music, telephones, and everyday buzz can harm our health and well-being. They can also make it difficult to concentrate. According to a growing body of evidence that reveals the damaging impacts of noise pollution[1], it’s critical that we respond. 

Building materials are an indispensable part of the solution, as surfaces allow sound waves to bounce back into a space and can create a noisy interior environment. Sound-absorbent materials, on the other hand, can manage the ambient sound levels. Meanwhile, sound insulation can prevent noise from travelling from one space to another. Adding acoustic products to the design of a room can create a more comfortable and safe space. Acoustic products can help improve performance in schools and offices, and help patients heal faster in healthcare facilities. 

CleanSpace is a simple range of acoustic ceiling tiles that are designed for hygienic environments. And by simple, we don’t mean less advanced, but simple to understand.

Megan Thorn

Rockfon Product Manager

You Don’t Have to Choose Between Clean and Quiet 

If you need an indoor area that is easy to clean and keep sanitary, our Rockfon® CleanSpace™ sound-absorbing acoustic tiles are the perfect solution. They uphold the highest standards of cleanliness. All the CleanSpace products are developed with an outstanding balance of acoustic comfort, cleanability, and resistance to humidity and bacteria.  

They help to ensure that health and safety standards are met. The range includes four ceiling tile products that are suitable for environments with a variety of hygienic demands. That way, you can find the solution that fits the specific requirements of your space. 

With CleanSpace, we wanted to create a simple range of acoustic ceiling tiles that are designed for hygienic environments. And by simple, we don’t mean less advanced, but simple to understand. There are so many cleanable tiles out there in the market, and it can be difficult to determine which products can accommodate varying cleanability requirements.’  

‘Through the introduction of our CleanSpace range of ceiling solutions, we strive to make it easy for our customers to understand what tile they should choose, based on the required cleaning method of their hygienic spaces. On top of that, we understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has created an enhanced need for sanitation in interiors, which is why we now have tiles tested for many types of disinfection methods– such as UVC and Ozone.' — Megan Thorn, Rockfon Product Manager 

Easy Care and Cleaning  

Cleaning and disinfecting building materials, like ceiling tiles, is a proven way to reduce and control the spread of infections and viruses. Designed to minimise maintenance time and costs, the products within the CleanSpace range can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, fitted with a soft brush attachment or damp cloth.  

The CleanSpace range offers solutions that are moisture repellent and suitable for spaces that require deeper cleaning and disinfection. This means that they can be cleaned using high-pressure cleaning, steam and detergents. The range also offers solutions that allow for UV-C and Ozone methods to be used for cleaning tiles. This is important for infection control in spaces such as clean rooms and laboratories. 

Resistance to Humidity 

Our CleanSpace range of products are not only humidity resistant, but also sag-resistant due to their stone wool properties. Even in wet rooms like kitchens, restrooms, etc., there is no risk of the floor sagging. The floor will stay stable even if the relative humidity is 100% and the temperature is 0 to 40 °C.  

In addition, our products don’t need fungicides or antimicrobials to prevent mould, mildew, and bacteria growth because they have no nutritional value. Therefore, harmful microorganisms that cause skin infections, pneumonia, and other airborne illnesses won’t grow from the tiles. 

With the new Rockfon CleanSpace range of products, you can meet the demands for a sanitary and hygienic environment while still maintaining acoustic excellence with an aesthetic touch.