New Rockfon® Metal™ ceilings strengthen one-stop specification

November 22, 2018

We are proud to announce the launch of Rockfon Metal ceiling tiles, a unique innovation combining proven stone wool performance and attractive metal surfaces.

No other tile can offer Class A1 safest reaction to fire, the highest Class A (αw= 1.00) sound absorption from it’s stone wool core and complete the offer with a modern metal finish.

One-stop specification

Our new range of metal ceilings further strengthens our position as a leading acoustic ceiling manufacturer. From us you will find an acoustic solution for any interior that will inspire and make specifying simpler and easier.

Unique Combination

Rockfon Metal combines the unique stone wool performance characteristics such as A1 safest reaction to fire and highest Class A sound absorption with an attractive and modern metal surface.  This bright white surface enables specifiers to create contemporary ceiling designs that offer the additional benefits of high light reflection which maximises the natural daylight in any room.


Rockfon Metal offers market leading Class A sound absorption, achieving the highest alpha rating of 1.00. The ceiling’s high absorption controls the ambient sound level, preventing echo and increasing speech intelligibility.  This exemplary performance makes it ideal for offices, public buildings and retail outlets.

Fire Class

Safest reaction to fire

Sound absorption

Highest Class A (aw= 1.00) sound absorption

Corrosion resistance

The metal surface achieves corrosion resistance Class B (EN13962).

Three Easy Steps

To help you specify our new range, we’ve created a brochure called Three Easy Steps. Available in two popular perforation patterns and in a variety of popular sizes and edge details such as clip-in concealed, semi-concealed and visible grid options, Rockfon Metal gives you the creative flexibility to design ceilings which meet your requirements perfectly. The tiles match our Chicago Metallic™ T15, T24 and Clip-in white grids, ensuring the colour is consistent throughout every project. 


Achieve durability on both fronts: our stone wool core is highly durable, resisting up to 100% relative humidity and our metal surface achieves corrosion resistance Class B (EN13962). The ceiling tiles are easy to demount and remount time and time again for fast access to services above. This process is enabled by the factory-installed stone wool core which is retained by a unique tab.


The stone wool core of Rockfon Metal is produced from sustainable and recycled materials. It is fully recyclable and comes with a 15-year warranty to ensure building owners a long product lifecycle. Our products can be upcycled into new building materials with commercial value. This helps reduce the amount of waste products going into landfill and lowers demand for new raw materials.

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