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12 October 2018

Each issue of GridNews brings together relevant stories for installers; from new product updates to interesting and alternative ways of overcoming challenging ceiling installations.

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Rockfon® System Ultraline E™ allows for the easy integration of partition walls, track lighting and signs due to the narrow groove in the grid.

Multipurpose function

In this latest issue, we showcase new ways of using our multi-purpose Double Layer Clip, which will save you time when installing a ceiling around ductwork or a support column. Take a look at our Rockfon® System T24 X™ DLC installation video to see how the clip is incorporated in the ceiling system. 

Cut away

We share one of our most recent product developments, our new X-edge knife, which gives you 25mm of additional installation space on our concealed edge tiles without damaging the front face. Visit our Rockfon Blanka®,  Rockfon® MediCare® Plus and Rockfon Color-all® tile pages and request a sample.  

Brings a signature to any installation

We also demonstrate an easy and simple way to make bespoke modifications to your installation using our Chicago Metallic® T-profile connectors and we present Rockfon® System Ultraline E™, a functional ceiling system that offers robust quality and allows for the easy integration of partition walls, track lighting and signs due to the narrow groove in the grid. Take a minute to view our 3D Rockfon System Ultraline E  installation video. You can also download our Rockfon System Ultraline E System Description or request a sample of the Chicago Metallic™ Ultraline 3500 grid.

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