Making ceiling installations easier Rockfon

January 23, 2020

We know how important it is for you and your customers that the installation is as hassle-free as possible while delivering a high quality outcome. That’s why we want to make it easy for you with the Chicago Metallic™ wall & bridging bracket For T Profiles.

Chicago Metallic Wall & Bridging Bracket for ceiling installations

A two in one tool for ceiling installations

With just one bracket, improve the way you secure your main runners and cross tees to the wall as well as the way you bridge components. Our easy to use wall & bridging bracket for T profiles is a multipurpose tool that was built with the user in mind and which functions perfectly with our main runners and cross-tees. It is a two in one tool that enables you to fix our main runners and cross tees to the wall or it can be applied to simplify service integrations without the hassle and worry of tile deflection.

Making connections for hassle-free ceiling installations

The easy to use Wall & bridging bracket for T profiles allows you to secure and stabilize your main runners and cross tees to the wall or another T-profile much easier than ever before. Its functionality and design offers a trouble free installation with its new oblong mounting hole. Replacing the traditional fixing hole, our new design removes the necessity of preciseness when securing the squareness of the grid, it enables small adjustments to the position of the grid. In other words, it eliminates the irritation of marking the wall or your T-profile before drilling - saving you time.

We have introduced a second oblong mounting hole to our Wall & bridging bracket for T profiles, one on the upper and lower side of the bracket, to improve flexibility and increase the simplicity of fastening your T profiles to the wall. This additional mounting hole at the bottom of the bracket allows you to fix your grid to the wall even if there is an obstruction. This small design feature has a substantial advantage because it means that you won’t have to find an ad hoc solution to properly secure your ceiling.

Three simple ways for better installation

Built for ease of use, another great feature of the Wall & bridging bracket for T profiles is that it was designed with grooves that indicate the desired height your T profiles form a variety of edge types when using 24 x 24 mm or 24 x 19 mm wall profiles.

Let’s have a look at the various mounting possibilities.

  • To quickly install your Rockfon X-edge or E-edge tile, use your Wall & bridging bracket for T profiles, positioning your main runner or cross tee against the wall at the precise height.
  • When installing an X-edge tile, place the bottom rut on the hemmed groove of the wall angle and use the upper groove for E-Edge tiles. *You can only use these grooves when the 24 mm side of the wall angle is fixed to the wall.
  • When installing other ceiling edges using the W-profile, simply rest the bottom of the Wall & bridging bracket for T profiles on the upper flanges of the profile.

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