Simplified ceiling installation with Rockfon’s solution box

Image of the Rockfon solution box

We understand that every project is unique and presents its own challenges, which is the reason why we have brought together a variety of accessories to help you solve various obstacles that you can face on the job. 

Our Solution Box features 11 key Chicago Metallic™ accessories that can make the difference between an easy and complex installation. Discover some handy, essential tools for everyday ceiling installations that will allow you to: 

  • Save time and increase efficiency 
  • Avoid common installation nuisances 
  • Remove the need for makeshift installations 



Our hold down clips secure your ceiling 

 The box contains three plastic hold-down clips, which alleviate the concern of ceiling tiles being misplaced due to uplift, cleaning, impact or sloped installations. Moreover, each clip can be used in harsh indoor environments and are easy to mount and demount without damaging the title.  

Bridging the gap 

The wall & bridging bracket can be used to connect profiles to one another without the use of cross tees to create multi-layer grid constructions. Useful when using around light fixtures, ventilation ducks and pipes were these interrupt the primary grid layer. 

  • Reaction to Fire: A1 
  • Corrosion resistance: B 
  • Environment: Fully recyclable 
  • Load Bearing Capacity: 20 kg 

Create bespoke modifications to your installation 

This easy to use T-profile connector is perfect for creating secure, one-sided couplings and removes the need for makeshift configurations. The connector allows for: 

  • Quick and easy mounting 
  • Makes T connections possible everywhere on the grid 
  • Works with all Chicago Metallic profiles (38 mm height) 
  • Screw fastened to provide additional security if needed 

Direct fix for reducing plenum heights 

With this direct suspension clip, you can attach the T-profile to the soffit giving a total plenum height of 5 cm.  

  • Reaction to Fire: A1 
  • Corrosion resistance: B 
  • Environment: Fully recyclable 

What are you waiting for? 

Book your own personal information session and learn new and innovative ways that our accessories can work for you. It is a great opportunity for tailored insight that could make a vast difference in your everyday work. 

Get in touch with one of our capable Sales Representatives who will introduce you to all the great components in the Solution Box and the many ways the accessories can be used to simplify an installation. 

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