Acoustic ceiling: What to consider for a better indoor climate?

Hard to choose or hard to decide? An acoustic ceiling can enhance the perception of a room and how people feel in it. Rockfon doesn’t limit your design vision but our acoustic ceiling solutions can be adjusted to your design vision.

White Rockfon Mono Acoustics in canteen and office areas

Creagora Namur - Rockfon Mono Acoustics

Mhmm! Why is the right ceiling important?

The world is growing rapidly day by day, and we are all familiar with how disturbing noise can be when we sit in an office, at a restaurant, or visit a shopping mall. According to Alan Hedge of Cornell University, the sound created by humans is ranked as the highest distraction when you need to focus. So, the right ceiling has a leading role to play in creating comfortable, safe, and beautiful spaces for better productivity.

On that note, architects and designers calculate how they can make a great significance in the life of future inhabitants when building hospitals, schools, office spaces, and sports facilities. They calculate everything from the position of the windows, for better lighting, to the choice of wood for the floor, to the colours on the wall for better visual stimulation—everything to make a comfortable indoor environment.

But what about ceilings?

Like you, we’re all about making everyday life more pleasant and productive. In the development of technology and the need for comfortable surroundings, people demand a certain standard for the products and services they choose. In most rooms, people don’t consider the type of ceiling or the contribution it gives to the space. However, it can’t be stressed enough how big an impact a ceiling has when it comes to sound reflections, sound absorption, and human experiences.

Psst! Do you know what impact acoustic ceilings have on the indoor environment?

Everyday life is mostly spent inside, but the sad fact is that most rooms suffer from what we call high reverberation times, as the sound “hangs” around within the room long after the sound has been produced. Therefore, the quality of the ceiling is crucial to remember as it can contribute to a healthier environment with great sound absorption, and it can help provide privacy for the users. From that point of view, the right ceiling should be considered as one of the most customised forms of comfort which protects and safeguards the inhabitants in various ways.

To ensure environments sound as good as they look, acoustic ceiling solutions have become one of the most valuable ways to optimize the indoor environment. There are different characteristic features to remember when considering an acoustic ceiling solution:

  • Noise and Sound absorption – The most important reason to install an acoustic ceiling is the significant reduction in sound and noise. It gives maximum pleasure for the inhabitants as speech intelligibility increases.

  • Fire Resistance – Acoustic ceilings are not only installed for noise absorption, but also other important purposes. People expect the buildings they visit to be safe; therefore, it is worth mentioning that acoustic ceiling products provide a longer response time to act and escape.

  • Light ReflectionLet there be light. If you aim to lighten up the rooms, then acoustic ceilings are a great option for you. When light falls on the surface of specific acoustic ceiling, it instantly reflects, which makes the room look brighter and more vibrant.                                                         

If we take a moment to consider the trends in ceiling patterns in the present, we will realise that the acoustic ceiling solution has occupied a remarkable place in the construction field.

By implementing an acoustic ceiling solution, you will provide a quieter space, with an improved balance of sound, free of washing echo and other unpleasant acoustic effects.


Pff. So many obstacles before I can choose

Whether you’re renovating or working on a new build, you continuously strive to find the perfect balance between the wellbeing of the users and creating privacy, while keeping the environment comfortable, dynamic, inspiring, and welcoming.

However, the balance between wellbeing and the environment can be challenging as you have a vision for the aesthetics and interior. Therefore, many downgrade the ceilings as they believe it doesn’t adapt to the vision.

By including Rockfon acoustic solutions at the planning stages of your project, you can avoid remediation work later and speed up the build. 
Our solutions aren’t just brilliant at absorbing sound; some are designed to reflect light for healthier, more sustainable buildings.

The technical approach

The stone wool

Our acoustic ceiling solutions are made from natural stone wool. There is something uniquely exciting about turning an abundant natural source into products that enrich modern life. When we produce with stone wool, we are ensured that our acoustic ceilings provide a safer indoor environment where it can withstand fire for 30-60 minutes that enables people to escape the dangerous situation. For you, it means you can comfortably choose our acoustic ceiling designs as it contributes to a longer response time frame when a fire occurs.  
Please contact our Technical Department to discuss your requirements.


The hygienic aspect 

Reduce the spread of infection with hygienic ceiling tiles and uphold the highest levels of cleanliness. Our products are resistant to mould and bacteria. And they are almost indestructible, so your buildings will continue to look, feel, and function exactly the way you built them long after the occupants have moved in. The surfaces are easy to clean and disinfect without affecting their appearance or performance. This aspect makes our acoustic ceiling solution well suited for hospitals, medical clinics, laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturers, restaurants, and clean rooms.

Sustainability and circularity

Contribute to a circular economy, where products should be used for as long as possible and reused to the greatest extent. At Rockfon, we don’t think the next generation of acoustic solutions should be at the expense of the next generation of people.

Therefore, we provide long-lasting solutions so our acoustic ceilings have unique durability and recyclability so you can provide a resilient building to enrich modern living while reducing the carbon footprint. In 2019, Rockwool Group recycled 159,000 tons of stone wool. 


Let’s talk about the products

We have introduced you to some of our values on how we improve peoples’ work and well-being in all kinds of different ways. We are proud to say that our solutions are influential in making people’s lives richer, more productive, and more beautiful. Now let's see what options we can offer you and your project. 

Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic

Flat or curved? Direct or suspended installation? With Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic, you get a unique design solution with refined white surfaces to provide high light reflection and light diffusion. This acoustic ceiling will ensure even light distribution and reducing the need for artificial light. The innovative monolithic surface with a high-performance membrane with mineral fleece delivers outstanding acoustic comfort well-suited for office spaces, educational rooms, leisure areas such as hotels, concert halls, restaurants, and retail stores.

Rockfon Blanka®

If you are looking for a ceiling that has fine lines and provides a high light reflection, Rockfon Blanka® should be your choice. The smooth, deep matt, super white surface has a high light reflection and light diffusion which contribute to energy savings and a comfortable indoor environment. Rockfon Blanka’s non-directional surface reduces installation time, and the enhanced surface durability makes it more resistant to dirt and everyday wear. 

The durability and the high light reflection make Rockfon Blanka® applicable for most areas ranging from offices, consulting rooms, meeting areas to leisure areas, retail, and educational rooms. 

Rockfon Color-all®

Ever had an amazing design idea, but the ceiling didn’t fulfil your visions? Not any longer, with Rockfon Color-all®, you have 34 exclusive colours for acoustic ceilings to inspire and enhance your interior design scheme. Here you get total design freedom as it has exposed, semi-coloured, and concealed edged in a large variety of module sizes. The variety of Rockfon Color-all® enables you to design buildings that look and sound beautiful.

It is well-suited for offices, educational institutions, leisure, retail, and healthcare for a welcoming atmosphere.

Rockfon Medical ceiling panels:

Rockfon® MedicalTM Standard is well-suited for areas with essential hygiene and cleaning requirements such as hospital ceilings as it’s classified to Bacteriological Class B5 and B10. 

Rockfon® MedicalTM Plus (Bacteriological Class B1) provides outstanding performance and aesthetics to meet the rigorous demands for hygiene and disinfection such as delivery rooms, emergency rooms, and laboratories. 

Rockfon® Medicare® Block is specifically designed for use in high-risk, pressurized healthcare environments where high cleanability is required. This acoustic ceiling doesn’t contribute to the spreading of bacteria as it has a Clean Room Classification ISO Class 2 and chemical resistance classification “Excellent”. It makes it suitable for emergency rooms, operating theatre, and treatment rooms.

Rockfon® MedicalTM Air is ideal for hospital ceiling where differential pressure is required as it has an airtight backing membrane and sealed edges to meet the requirements for high-risk areas such as operating rooms, recovery areas, and intensive care where the spread os infections need to be limited.


Wow! Recycled materials in a new and aesthetic setting

We’re passionate about quality. It’s what sets us apart. Every single acoustic design we’ve ever created was built on the same belief. That a Rockfon product should be as beautiful on the eye as it is to the ear.

The obstacles most architects and designers encounter when building or decorating a premise is the ability of the ceiling to adapt to their design vision.

Who says you can’t have it all? Rockfon brings beauty, flawless performance, and environmental sustainability to acoustic solutions, so the buildings you design can sound as good as they look.

For Rockfon we highly emphasize contributing to your initial design – and not as an afterthought. The vision of our acoustic ceiling is not to violate your design vision but to contribute to new modern spaces. Some Rockfon products are smooth with no pattern, so they can be installed in any direction and look great from every angle.

Our products aren’t just brilliant at absorbing sound. They are designed to create healthier, more sustainable buildings. Choose from our huge range of surfaces and colours to suit every style and mood – from calm to energizing. We’ll even custom-match the perfect colour to complement your design.

The products for special applications:

Impact resistance:

Rockfon® Boxer™

To create a collaborative room with a great indoor climate to support children and students in their learning process, Rockfon® Boxer is your option as it has excellent sound absorption for noisy and reverberant areas. Along with that, it has 85 % on light reflection and light diffusion, and highly impact-resistant which limits the spread of bacteria. It is very suitable for schools and sports facilities.

Rockfon® Samson™

For areas with high activity levels and areas with a lot of people, this high impact-resistant white woven surface would be suitable for you. Rockfon® SamsonTM provides excellent sound absorption for noisy and reverberant areas. It meets the requirements of impact resistance as the stone wool provides no sustenance to microorganisms.

Rockfon® Scholar™

To create appropriate reverberation times for learning environments, the right solution is Rockfon® ScholarTM provides good impact resistance and complies with BB93 Acoustics for Schools. It’s durable edges which remain intact even when removed and reinstalled, it is available in long planks and large square modules to create an inspirational suspended ceiling design.


Rockfon® HygienicTM

For humid environments such as kitchens, toilets, swimming areas, etc., these non-hygroscopic, durable, and specially treated ceiling tiles are suitable. Rockfon® HygienicTM provides a Class A sound absorption and the highest fire safety.

Rockfon® HygienicTM Plus

In highly controlled environments such as biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and processing plants that require specially treated ceiling that is non-hygroscopic and durable, the solution would be Rockfon® HygienicTM Plus. It has enhanced durability and dirt resistance so no microorganisms have sustenance.


Rockfon® Industrial™ Black

Create a ceiling that reflects the design vision and personality with this black finish from Rockfon® Industrial™ Black. An acoustic ceiling that can resist up to 100 % humidity and have high fire safety. 

Rockfon® Industrial™ Opal

For different purposes, the off-white finish at Rockfon® Industrial™ Opal can create their own ceiling or be placed behind other surfaces. It is a low weighted ceiling that is easy and quick to install and provide the highest sound absorption for the indoor environment. It can handle up to 100 % humidity and there is no sustenance for microorganisms.

Acoustic additions:

Rockfon® Acoustimass™

Reduce noise transfer and floor plenums with Rockfon® Acoustimass™. The acoustic barriers it provides improve the indoor climate so it generates comfortable areas. It is suitable for Cellular offices, consulting rooms, and educational rooms. It has the highest fire safety along it can handle up to 100 % humidity which provides no sustenance to microorganisms.

Rockfon® Soundstop™

The name reveals its power as this acoustic barrier reduces noise transfer in ceiling and floor plenums. Rockfon® Soundstop™contributes to a healthier and better indoor environment with great sound absorption. This acoustic ceiling is easy to install and has excellent fire safety. It can handle up to 100 % humidity which provides no sustenance to microorganisms.


Rockfon Eclipse®

Combine innovation and aesthetically pleasing frameless islands that contribute to an acoustic ceiling. Here you get an excellent sound absorption supplied in a smooth, deep-matt, super white surface providing high light reflection, light diffusion, and anti-static properties. Rockfon Eclipse® is suitable for offices, educational rooms, leisure areas, and retail as it can be used alone or in combination with other ceilings. The rear surface provides excellent heat and light reflection.


Design Decoration

Rockfon® Universal™ Baffle

When you combine innovation and creative design, you get the Rockfon® UniversalTM baffle. An acoustic ceiling solution that is available in Universal White and 31 inspiring colours from the Rockfon Colour-all range. Here you get a creative and innovative acoustic solution that provides great sound absorption together with an aesthetic design.

Special applications:


Rockfon Humitec® Baffle

Clean and durable baffles that are perfect for a humid or harsh indoor environment with its flexible free-hanging acoustic solutions. The Rockfon Humitec® Baffle has a robust and durable frame that protects the baffle edge from damage and ensures cleanliness, so it is ideal for areas that require regular cleaning.


Rockfon® Industrial™ Baffle

For noisy industrial environments, we can provide the Rockfon® Industrial™ Baffle that is functional free-hanging acoustic baffles. It is nuanced white surfaces that are easy to install and provide not sustenance to microorganisms so it will continue to be clean and tidy.

Design White:

Rockfon Contour®

You will choose frameless acoustic baffles from Rockfon Contour® if you seek an economic and aesthetically pleasing option. It is suitable for enhancing the acoustics in thermal mass areas. It reflects up to 79 % of the light from outside and it can handle up to 100 % humidity which provides no sustenance to microorganisms. It’s suitable for open-plan offices, educational rooms, leisure areas, and receptions.


Aha! Great design in a sustainable way

Psst! Let’s together built better, healthier, and smarter

As we spent most of our time indoors, the aesthetics of the rooms we spent most of our time in, are considered as contributors to our well-being, quality of life, and our productivity.

There are several ways an architect or designer can optimize the design and the orientation of the building to capture natural light. Nevertheless, sometimes it is necessitating to receive assistance from interior materials to draw light further inside.

Rockfon ceiling panels comply with all the acoustic ceiling requirements in building standards, including those from the Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI), Green Building Initiative (GBI), Collaborative for High-Performance Schools (CHPS) and exceed all environmental and sustainability standards such as LEED® Green Rating System and the WELLTM Building Standard.

It takes a great architect and designer to make a building look good, and together we can make it sound as good as it looks. And the improvement you make – from eliminating noise, to creating the perfect ambience in a restaurant or mall – is what inspires us to create our world-leading acoustic solutions. 

When you choose Rockfon, as your design partner for a better indoor environment with high light reflection and sound absorption, you are choosing a product that not only sounds beautiful but also contributes to a healthier environment with high resistance to bacteria and mould. You also take a responsible choice for the planet as we are sustainable in our process of sourcing and manufacturing. So, when you choose Rockfon, you choose to take a responsible choice for the planet.

It’s hard to decide the design of the ceiling, but with Rockfon as a partner, it is not hard to choose.

Sounds beautiful