Rockfon, part of ROCKWOOL Group, enters a design partnership with AKUART

March 10, 2021

AKUART and Rockfon will work together to design and deliver acoustic products for interior spaces.

Rockfon, part of ROCKWOOL Group, enters a design partnership with AKUART

Rockfon, part of ROCKWOOL Group, announces it has entered into a design agreement with AKUART, a Copenhagen-based firm that designs and markets acoustic products to create extraordinary room acoustics. To strengthen the relationship between the two companies, ROCKWOOL has also acquired a minority stake in AKUART A/S.

Like Rockfon, AKUART’s mission is to create a world that sounds great for everyone. AKUART is a Danish company with 11 employees, specialising in designing innovative and highly effective acoustic solutions for all types of interior designs or spaces. The new partnership will combine the strengths of both companies in design, innovation and manufacturing to deliver more value for the end customer.

“AKUART is a strong Danish brand with skilled people, high quality design and products that fit any interior space. With this partnership, Rockfon expands its footprint into designing and manufacturing functional and aesthetic acoustic solutions that can improve the wellbeing of people in offices, schools, hospitals, and leisure venues across Europe”, says Parik Chopra, Managing Director, Rockfon Europe & Asia.

“The remarkable synergy between AKUART and Rockfon lies in our shared mission to offer extraordinary acoustic solutions that provide true added value to the end-user”, says Bjørn Berthelsen, partner and CEO, AKUART. “We know many spaces can have acoustic issues while needing great design solutions. Our partnership is providing architects and designers with increased ease in crafting the sound of a space while using beautiful and innovative solutions”, adds Casper Sparsø, partner and Creative Director, AKUART.

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