What to remember when installing a Rockfon grid system?

When it comes to installation, knowledge is power. We share some of the top things to remember when installing an acoustic grid system.

Easy Rockfon Grid Installation

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What is a modular acoustic suspended ceiling and what can it do to for your interior design? 

When you want to re-decorate and improve the quality of the interior space in a quick and easy way to do it is using a modular ceiling system.

A suspended ceiling is fixed beneath the soffit, giving the added benefit of hiding any wires, pipes, lighting installations or other technical solutions behind the acoustic ceiling, while still providing easy access to it. This is a great aesthetic benefit, but the most important one is the improvement of the indoor climate and acoustic atmosphere in the room. By adding sound-absorbing materials to one of the largest surfaces in the space, the ceiling, you’re able to reduce reverberation. Have a look at some of the major benefits of choosing a stone wool acoustic ceiling solution  

Modular ceilings are very flexible and stable and can be modified with accessories to fit any need.

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Why choose a ceiling grid system?  

A common reason for opting for a modular suspended ceiling system is a combination of price and the functionality of combining individual acoustic ceiling tiles and grids together.

A major benefit of choosing a suspended acoustic ceiling is the flexibility to demount and change the tiles easily individually, without changing the whole ceiling. It’s a quick installation process, which is secured by either a click a hook connection. Both have benefits and it’s usually decided by preference of the installer.  

A suspended acoustic ceiling system is very safe and by playing around with the ceiling tile edges and acoustic ceiling tile colour you’re able to personalise the space. Find out which aesthetic is right for you by choosing the perfect ceiling tile edge for your modular ceiling design.


What do I need to remember when installing a grid?  

When installing a suspended acoustic ceiling system grid, it’s important to remember your grid kit. It’s where you will find all the information you need to know about your acoustic ceiling tiles, the perimeters, accessories and how to install them, but it’s important to highlight that before installing, you must make sure you’ve got the right quantities and components for the job.  

What are common concerns about installing an acoustic ceiling system?  

Installers seem to be most interested in tips and tricks or hacks to apply at a job site. For example, “how to take out the profile from the ceiling?”so the installers easily can demount a tile or renovate the acoustic ceiling or questions about components, where they need help on calculation for a specific ceiling.  

If you want to learn more and build up your skillset consider taking a class at our Training Centre

Visit our installation video library on YouTube to see how easy it is to install a Rockfon acoustic ceiling system.


The top steps to remember when installing a suspended acoustic ceiling solution
  1. Plan how you will install the different materials and accessories, and stick to it
  2. Measure your room 
  3. Install your perimeter trims around your room at the correct height
  4. Position and fix your suspension hangers
  5. Install the main runners
  6. Install the cross tees and fit the ceiling tiles to it 

Do's ..   

  • Always carry the grid boxes on the ends to avoid any impact 
  • Keep the boxes, tiles and jointing materials on a secured and flat surface to protect it  
  • Store boxes of accessories, metal sections and jointing materials in dry conditions   
  • Protect the paints, primers and ready-mixed materials from freezing conditions   
  • Practice good housekeeping and stock rotation  
  • When handling metal components and acoustic ceiling tiles, remember use the proper personal protective equipment (PPE)  
  • Be careful when using knives to cut an acoustic ceiling tile. Look at our system descriptions and notes on the safety practices we recommended   

Don’t .. 

  • Do not carry acoustic ceiling tiles horizontally   
  • Do not drag acoustic ceiling tile boxes on top of each other
  • Do not use hoists or cranes without proper lifting equipment and safety retaining ropes or slings 
  • Clean the floor in the room and securely cover it with an anchored polythene sheet or tarpaulin   
  • Do not stack pallets on-site where the surface may not be firm, flat and level   
  • Do not stack boxes of acoutic ceiling tiles higher than 1 meter